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If your kids are anything like mine, they probably know how to work a computer almost as well as you. It is amazing how quickly kids today pick up on technology. Because of this, they are most interested in interactive play that incorporates electronics and that same technology. Of course, as a parent I also want to encourage old time play and creativity as well. Webkinz offers the best of both worlds. They offer adorable plush animals that also enable you to participate in interactive play in an online world using the included codes.

We had heard of Webkinz, but had never had the opportunity to try them out. When a box arrived with a cute stuffed Webkinz Rockabilly Rooster and a Rockerz Poodle, the boys were actually thrilled. My youngest two love stuffed animals to begin with, but when I explained they would be able to access a fun online world too, they were all for it.

First, you just visit the Webkinz World and you can sign up for free to use your code to create an account.

Then, you can name your pet and setup a certificate for them with Ms. Birdie. This was really fun for my youngest and really made it feel like he truly owned a new pet, with being able to name it and see its certificate there on the screen.

What I love most about the site as a parent is the full parental controls that are enabled. While there is a chat section for kids, it is fully customizable, from only letting them use pre-programmed sayings to editing out offensive items. It is also really easy to use for all ages with step by step tutorials and instructions.

Children can decorate their pets room, feed them, buy things from the store with Kinz Cash that they can get from playing games or completing tasks and can play tons of games, many of which are educational. My youngest loved Webkinz World. His favorite part was visiting the store to buy new food for his Webkinz and decorating its room.

There is even a Webkinz Facebook game that can be accessed for free for hours of fun, although obviously, the children would have to be able to access Facebook with your approval. Don’t want your child on Facebook, but would like to access the fun remotely, give the new Webkinz app a try!

Need a great Christmas gift idea? Check out the Webkinz gift guide or look for a store location near you. These would make great gift ideas for both boys and girls!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a product sample and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


  1. I have had a Webkinz account for a few years now. All my kids love the game, even my oldest.

  2. I LOVE Webkinz. I use to play online with my kids. Don't have much time for it now, but they still enjoy it.

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