Fashion Show Friday – Or Just Me In a Bunch of Clothes

Last week I posted some collages of possible outfits that I am thinking of wearing to BlogHer. As someone who works at home and doesn’t get out much, as well as someone who has been stuck in maternity clothes for the last 9 months, I could use some input on these looks. This time I am actually wearing the clothes so you can get a better idea of what they really look like. Don’t be afraid to tell me if something is hideous on me. I would rather know now then look like a dork walking around New York. I am finding more and more that I actually like fashion and clothes. Maybe this girl thing is starting to grow on me.

Just a note, if you see me without shoes in the picture, it is because I haven’t figured out what to wear with the outfits yet.



  1. I love your choices. I like the shirts with the jackets more and definitely leave them un-buttoned.

  2. I actually love everything! That blue blouse is especially gorgeous! I love the jackets, they make you look really put together and professional!

  3. Which I totally am not Jennifer. 🙂 This is pretty much my normal style, so I am really comfortable in everything here. I really don't like to wear sleeveless things without something over them, but the heat in NY may force me to.

  4. I like the variation you put on. My favorite is the second outfit the yellow blouse you seem just glow, or it just my eyes doing a trick on me. Then the blue top I like to see it with a white jacket. ^_^ I like to ask where do you find the black jacket I like the sleeve. I like this kind of jacket since I am petite ^_^


  5. I also love everything you've chosen and dig that you layered them with jackets and shrugs. You look great, especially for just having a baby!

  6. I like everything – I'd say only the last outfit is my least favorite – love the outfits with the jackets!

  7. Kim, the jacket is actually Navy blue, but it is hard to see in the pictures. I got it from Lane Bryant and I just bought a black one there tonight too. Unless you are a curvier girl though, their sizes probably won't fit. New York and Company has some great fitted blazers too though!

    Amanda, I wasn't feeling the blue shrug either, so I bought a new fitted jacket in black tonight that is the same as the navy blue in the picture. I think it will go much better.

    I also have a white blazer, but it is too big right now, so I have to see if maybe my mom can take it in, or I will take it back.

  8. I really like that top outfit with the jacket buttoned, and the pink and black ruffled top. So pretty. I also love the 3rd outfit!

  9. You crack me up 🙂 You look fabulous in all of them and I'm quite frankly jealous of the fact you had a baby 2 weeks ago. Seriously – couldn't you look a little less fabulous? 🙂 Love them all.

  10. I don't like the jacket but I love the tops such a shame to cover them up. They all look too cute on you. The last 2 outfits on u were my favorite . ps. u'll need a black bra with the black and white polka dot top. BUT I love that without the jacket super cute

  11. Looks like you have quite few outfits to choose from. I need to add to my warddrobe.

  12. Tricia, unfortunately I am not a fan of my arms and whenever I have sleeveless shirts, something has to cover them up. The blazers are more flattering than shrugs, so that is why I chose them.

  13. I really like all of the tops, especially that first one with the butterflies! They look casual, yet still really pulled together. I'm working on that for myself, this is some great inspiration!

  14. I LOVE the yellow with navy! Everything else is pretty cute too, but that is my favorite! Looking awesome!!

  15. You look so pretty! I like the jackets, too! My fave on your is the navy jacket with the yellow (jacket open). 🙂

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