Febreze Home Collection Review and Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Recently, I posted about how generous the House Party pack that I got for the Febreze event was. There was more than I would possible need at my party next weekend. I am happy to report that instead of just doing a review of these amazing products for you like I had planned, I will get to do a giveaway as well, as House Party has given me the okay.

{My Take}

First up, let me tell you a little bit about the products I was sent. There are four types of air freshener products that I was able to review and all of them are different and serve a unique purpose throughout the home.

 The Febreze Home Collection Room Spray came in a pomegranate mango scent that smelled good enough to eat. No too flowery or overpowering, this is the perfect summer fragrance for your home. The spray is easy to use and comes out in a light mist instead of a hard stream. This is the perfect product for those areas of your home that don’t get a lot of exposure, but still need a burst of freshness from time to time. I used it in my boy’s bedrooms. It is available in four different scents: pomegranate mango, green tea citrus, willow blossom and cranberry pear.

The Febreze Home Collection Flameless Luminary is my favorite product out of the collection of items I was given to review and share. It too came in the refreshing pomegranate mango scent and is available in the same scents as the room spray above. It emits a stronger long-lasting scent than the spray. For this reason, it is perfect for high traffic areas that need a lot of freshening throughout the day, such as my kitchen, living room or dining room.

This is a really beautiful product as well. It consists of a wooden base with a plastic pyramid on top. All you do is flip the activation switch on the bottom of the base, place the scented luminary shade on top of the base and press down lightly. A soft flickering light will stay on for four hours and give the illusion of a lit candle and then it shuts itself off automatically. I find that the designs on the shade are very modern and fit beautifully into my home decor. It is also safer to use than candles with four little pyromaniancs in the house.

Next up is the Febreze Home Collection Reed Diffuser. This was a real treat to review as well. The reed diffuser is a simple glass bottle of essential oil with a wooden topper. The reeds are placed into the bottle of oil and emit freshness that lasts up to 60 days. This is a wonderful show piece and very simplistically stylish. I have it on display in my living room and have gotten several compliments on it so far. It is also a tremendous value because one product lasts so long. It is available in the same four scents and is perfect for those who like a lighter air freshener, as the scent it emits is not nearly as strong as the luminary or spray.

This product, I am super excited to share with all of you because it is brand new! It is so new it is not even on available in stores yet, but don’t worry, it will be soon. The Febreze Set and Refresh system is a wonderful new way to refresh any area in your home. It requires no batteries or plugs and is small enough to fit anywhere, even in your car!

All you do is place a scented cartridge into the display holder and then pull down on the base to emit the fragrance. If you would like it to stop scenting a room for any period of time, just push the base back up. I love this little thing and it is perfect for the bathrooms in my home. With four boys sharing their bathroom together, trust me a good air freshener is appreciated. The two scents I received to review are Hawaiian Aloha, which is a floral melon scent and linen and sky that has a fresh out of the dryer scent.


All of these products were a pleasure to review and I would not hesitate to recommend them. One thing I will add caution about is the reed diffuser product. The wooden cap that fits over the top of the bottle fits loosely. This is fine if the product if left alone, but around small children, I would advice keeping it on a higher shelf out of reach. Additionally, if it gets knocked over, it will spill so make sure it is in an out of the way area.

{Win It!}
 Life With 4 Boys is giving away the Febreze gift pack that is pictured above to one lucky reader!
Open to US residents only! Ends June 29th at 12:00am
Winner is chosen through random.org and will have 48 hours to respond.

Congrats to #285 Gara Marrow the winner of the Febreze Gift Pack!
I received a House Party pack of products to review and share with others, but the thoughts and opinions in this review are all my own and were not influenced by any other factors.


  1. I currently use Febreze, it's my hands down favorite air freshner. I was super happy when I found out my favorite Laundry Detergent, Tide had Frebreze in it! How cool! Congrats, I did not get this party, nice haul! 😉

  2. I use febreeze Moroccan Bazaar. We absolutely love it, it does a great job without being overpowering. I'd really love to try out some of their other products.

  3. Right now, I mostly use an oil burner – put some water in the top, a few drops of fragrance oil and a tea candle in the bottom – lasts a long time and doesn't give an overpowering scent. I'd like to try the Febreze for the same reason – your review states that the scent is not overpowering AND the cranberry pear sounds as though it HAS to smell delish!


  4. I would love to use the flameless luminary. I currently have a bath and body plug in.

    couponclippinmommy at yahoo dot com

  5. Right now I use Glad Island Escape, which is great, but I have always been partial to Febreze's fragrances

  6. I don't really use any air freshener at home right now, which is why I would love to try these Febreze products. I sometimes burn scented candles, but I need something that can be used even when I don't want an open flame.


  8. I currently have scentsy wax burners all over my house! I would lvoe to try something cheaper!


  9. We currently use the original Febreze sprays in our home to freshen up rooms, furniture, and clothes so I'd be excited to try some of the newer products Febreze has put out!


  10. i still use the old fashioned renuzit that you twist and leave in the room. I'd love to Febreze it instead.

  11. I currently don't use anything, but would love to win because I'm wanting to make my home more pleasant.

  12. I currently use regular frebreeze spray, but sometimes that is too strong, so I would like to try the home collection and see if that is more tolerable.

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  13. I use Febreeze linen fragrance. Nothing too floral is allowed for my young man. I would like this new collection to see how he would feel about them.

  14. I use Glade Lavender spray I would like to try the febreeze because I think the scent would last longer and love the pretty luminary

  15. I use Febreeze and I would like to try these because I never have and Love Febreeze.


  16. I use a Glade Vanilla spray but I have used Febreze in the past and will continue to buy more. I'd love to try these scents.


  17. I have a Febreze Noticeables warmer in my bathroom that I like alot-I would love to try the Flameless Luminary. Thanks!

  18. I currently do not use any air freshener so I would love to get this and try it out!

    imin2fun81 at mail dot com

  19. I use the Noticeables. I love Febreeze products. I wound like to try these because the scents sound fabulous.

  20. Currently for the past four months I've been using the Febreeze Moroccan Bazaar. I love it because it smells like spices. It has that Spice Market scent about it but it also has a nice earthy woodsy scent too. I would love to try other scent's. Febreeze is the best =)

  21. We love scented candles and reed diffusers. That flameless one looks nice because I wouldn't forget to blow it out and almost burn the house down! (Not that that's ever happened or anything…)

  22. I've actually been using the Glade Sense and Spray but my Mom has been using the diffusers from the Febreeze line and they smell so good so I've really been wanting to try them!

  23. I am almost through with a can of Airwick – which I will never buy again. Waaaay too strong. Febreze is a far superious product. I prefer the "clean linen" types of scents.

    Anne L.
    aurora777 @att.net

  24. Right now we use Glade sprays, but we need this awesome prize package because our kitty has had some 'mistakes' on the carpet and it no smells. Our landlords are coming to do a walk-through next month! Eeek! 😉

  25. I use mostly candles…my favorite is Yankee Candle Sugar cookie. I'd like to try their products out to see how they freshen the house.

  26. ty for the chance to win!! Currently using Glade plug ins..although I have used "Febreeze" sprays and love themand,would love to try their other products especially having 2 dogs!! lol…Following on twitter as "alongcamemary1" tweeted contest..Mary

  27. I currently don't use any air freshner. I want to try Fabreze because I have heard so much about it.

  28. Tweeted contest on twitter and shared on facebook…"alongcamemary1" on twitter and "Mary Rodowicz" on facebook..ty for the chance to win!! With my daughter,2 dogs her hamster and her fish we sure could use a nice smell in here and would love to try "Febreeze" products…Mary ;0)

  29. We have used Febreeze for years, with kids and cats and a dog, it's worked great. I am looking forward to trying the new things that Febreeze comes out with, they do the job but are not overpowering

  30. I use scented oil from Bath and Body works but the burner makes me nervous to use. I'm scared that I'll forget about it and cause a fire.

  31. I use Febreeze Fresh & Clean Air Effects because I find the scent is milder – which I like

    mandalarctic at gmail dot com

  32. I currently am using Glade Candles and Reed diffuser. I love Febreze products too and really have been wanting to try the Luminaire's!!!

  33. I am using a Febreze reed diffuser right now. They last a long time with lots of continuous scent. Febreze makes wonderful smelling products. Everyone comments on how good my house smells.

  34. I don't use any air fresheners at the moment, because many aggravate my asthma. I would love to try these products with hope that they would not bother me.

    prpldy (at) comcast dot net

  35. I curtenly use glade motion senser which I just got a few days ago, but I prefer febreze because its a lighter scent that seems to last longer & they have more scents of choice I believe,many I have not tried yet in scent thanks
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  36. I currently use the Febreze Spring & Renewal spray at my house and I'm almost done with the bottle. I'd like to try these new Febreze products so that I could smell the different scents in my house. Thanks!

  37. I use Fabreeze spray and would love the luminary for my bathroom, all the plugs are full and I cant plug in any air fresheners!

  38. I'm currently using Glade Plugins but it would be nice to free up an outlet
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  39. I currently use Glade air fresheners. I would like to try the flameless luminary. I think that they look pretty and I won't have to worry about my kids trying to yank out the air fresheners that plug into the wall.

  40. We are currently using Glade Sense & Spray in our home and I know I would love to try Febreeze. I have been partial to Glade in the past because of coupon deals but never got around to buying any Febreeze. Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

  41. OMG, I have 2 cats and 1 son. I so need this. I currently use the bamboo stick thingies to diffuse the scented water into the air. Nice but doesn't do for the occasional overload of noxious fumes.

  42. we use airwicks which does not last very long thus the reason I would like to try these
    jonilynntaylor at gmail dot com

  43. I already use Febreeze, Glade, and Oust!! I have 4 boys and a girl… and a husband! They ALL play sports, and get all sweaty…. I USED to pick up items and sniff them to see if they were clean or not… I QUICKLY learned that this is NOT a good idea! I could TOTALLY use more "good smelly" stuff!

  44. Currently using Glade, but I lOVE the dual scent Febreeze and would love to try all of these


  45. I use Febreeze products.I love the Home Collection sprays.I would love to win the giveaway because it has so many great products in it.Thanks for the giveaway:)

  46. I used to use Method but they discontinued their air care line. Help me. I have a dog and my house gets wiffy.

  47. I have mostly used Glade products and have never used the products pictured – I love to have the house smelling nice so would love to try!!

    kspsaves at hotmail dot com

  48. I currently use whatever is cheapest whenever I am at the store. I would like to try these products because I know Febreze is great.
    monster6236 at gmail dot com

  49. cdziuba@aol.com I currently use Yankee Candles in my home to freshen it.

    I want to win because I love the description of the prize, the products would be nice to have to make my house smell nice.

  50. I don't really use Air Fresheners, I'm more likely to light a candle, but I would like to try these products to try something new!

  51. Right now I am using Bath & Body Works plug-ins. I must admit I am really not that fond of them. I would love to try the Febreeze. Haven't tried them yet.

  52. I already use Febreze fresheners at home, I love trying new scents!

    rmglaughlin at gmail dot com

  53. I don't currently have an air freshener here, but I love them because pretty scents make me smile

  54. I currently use wallflowers from bath and body works but I would love to try fabreze seeing that the scents we are currently using (almond and nutmeg) are more winter season scents

  55. I use Febreze, and I'd love to use these particular products because I haven't yet, but if they're anything like the Febreze spray I use, I know they will provide enticing scents that last a long time. Thanks for the chance!!

  56. I rotate between AirWick, Glade, & Febreeze and would love to test out new products!!!!!


  57. febreeze is the #1 air freshener. i always use febreeze and currently use the frebreeze pet odor eliminator. I have 2 boys 1 dog 1 cat that just had kittens and i love frebreeze. Its the best!!!

  58. I currently use Febreeze air freshner and that is why I want to win! I would love to try the reed diffuser.

  59. I use Febreze Air Effects – love it!
    I'd like to try the products listed because I've always been so pleased with Febreze.

    barbara.montyj at gmail dot com
    email also in profile

  60. We use Glade but would love the chance to try these products, they all sound convenient and effective.

  61. Cute and Creative website!! Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂 Look forward to following you in the future!!

  62. Right now the only thing we are using is powder on the carpet. lol I would love to try the febreze because I love the way it looks. It would look great on my counter. Thank you!

  63. We currently do not use an air freshner so I would like to try one out and this looks like a great opportunity!

    frugalsciencegal [at] gmail [dot] com

  64. babybunny1983 AT comcast DOT net
    we currently use Glade candles. I would love to try this because I need a change!

  65. i use febreeze and would love to try something new, so i will have other options to smell when im in the house

  66. I currently use the Febreze Products, and although they are pricier than the other ones I love them because the scent is so much nicer and lasts longer. Just today I got the luminary and it is fantastic on my bedside table 🙂

  67. I currently use glade plug-ins and I would like to try these because they have a better variety.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  68. We currently use Febreeze plug ins. I love the way they smell! And I use Yankee candles…love those, too!

    I would love to win because I am always looking for something new and great smelling for my home.

    leoandchelle at yahoo dot com

  69. I am currently using Glade Plug ins in Apple cinnamon.
    But have heard and seen so much about the Febreze that I would love to try them.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  70. I currently use Wallflowers. I'd like to switch to something cheaper. The luminaries look pretty too.

  71. I use candles to freshen up the house! I love Febreze so I'd love to try new products from their line!


  73. I use Glade plug-ins, but the scent doesn't last very long. I would like to try these Febreze products to see if they would do a better job. Thanks!

  74. Febreze used to have a mint scent that I adored, but we currently use febreze and try different scents.

  75. I currently use whatever was on sale that I had a coupon for. LOL… Air fresheners and candles, which I love, are a treat so I don't buy on a regular basis. I would love to try all of the products you mentioned above because I think a yummy smelling home is a true testament of a good housekeeper (yup, LOL, I said that!) and Febreze makes beautiful and wonderful smelling products that I'd love to show off.

  76. We already use the Febreze Plug ins and the Pet odor eliminator room spray. I would love to try some other Febreze products!

  77. I am using glade throughout the house: plugins in the bathroom, candles in the living room
    good to know that Febreze has a complete line of those products, would love to try

  78. Right now im using Febreeze Pet..with two cats in this tiny apartment, i need something effective..would love to try these other varieties

  79. i'm using reed difusers from the drugstore – would love to try febreze instead

    ewhatley at embarqmail dot com

  80. We use the standard Febreze Spray.

    I'd like to try the featured giveaway products because I am sold on the Febreze brand and I like to try new versions of favorite products!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  81. I use Glade spray. I'd love to try these because they are different than what I usually use.

    motherabagail531 at yahoo dot com

  82. I use the Wallflowers plug in air fresheners from Bath & Body Works. I'd like to try the Febreze products because the scents really appeal to me, especially the Pomegranate Mango you reviewed and the Cranberry Pear (I love fruity scents.)

  83. I currently use the store brand scented Reed Difusors. This selection would be great in trying out a variety of types to see which I like the best.


    Paul S.

  84. Right now I am using Glade and would like to try Febreeze because I love their spray and would like to try their other products. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  85. I am currently using Febreeze Hawaiian Aloha. Great smell. I am impressed with Febreeze and would like to try other products.

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