Firm Your Buns With a Broom and Mop?

Need a little incentive to get that house clean? I know I do. Did you know that many common chores can actually burn a great deal of calories? It’s true. An hour or two of brisk housework each day of the week can not only keep your home tidy, but can actually help you stay in shape. Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t tack on other forms of exercise as well, but housework is a start. Even diet plans like Weight Watchers will allow you to gain activity points for 30 minutes of certain household chores! How much can you burn?

Mopping310 Calories Per Hour

Dusting – 221 Calories Per Hour

Sweeping – 225-250 Calories Per Hour

Cleaning the Bathroom – 336 Calories Per Hour

Laundry – 190 Calories Per Hour

Cooking – 187 Calories Per Hour

Yard Work – 442 Calories Per Hour

Doing Dishes – 199 Calories Per Hour

* All calories burned are estimates based on the information in the fitness tracker at and are based on brisk movements with a moderate to high level of activity.


  1. So you mean I have to exercise AND clean! Who ever thought this was a good idea. LOL


  2. lol Lee, you crack me up. I know what you mean though. I would rather just use the elliptical and skip the cleaning, but at least with cleaning you get both in at once.

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