First Surrogacy Photos

Yesterday we transferred two perfect little 5 day embryos and I was lucky enough to take home a photo of them. Aren’t they beautiful? Now we just wait and pray that they stick around for the next nine months!


  1. I am so nervous about this 2WW!! You MUST keep me posted on pee sticks. I hope you are stocked up. And don't stress if you don't get a BFP early. I didn't get one on a 5day until day SIX and that was TRIPLETS. So don't stress and enjoy it.

  2. Sooo exciting!! And yes, stock up on Pregnancy tests, lol!! Amazon has them for a good price 😉

  3. such a beatiful thing your doing and I bet your going to make one couple extremely grateful for the rest of their lives. How exciting!!!

  4. How exciting! I can't wait to hear more about this as you go through the stages, it's such an amazing thing you are doing!

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