Fishing the Great Lakes: A General Guide #Travel

Great tips for #fishing in the Great Lakes. #travel #familytravel

The boys love fishing and so do I for the most part. One place we have always dreamed of fishing is the Great Lakes. The five Great Lakes of North America
supply an incredible array of opportunities for the sport fisherman. Whether
one wishes to dip a line along with twenty or more others over the side of a
charter boat setting out from the harbor of one of the large cities, or tent
along a remote and rocky shore, the Great Lakes can host any kind of fishing
experience. Here are some general principles for enjoying the best of fishing
the Great Lakes.
What’s Out There?
There are some 150 varieties of freshwater
fish and eels in the Great Lakes. The finest combination of battle and dining
are the Atlantic Salmon and Coho Salmon, which were re-introduced after nearly
being wiped out by the lamprey eel. Those who prefer trout can find Brook,
Brown, Lake and Rainbow Trout. Smallmouth and Rock Bass abound in the sheltered
bays, as do Walleye (aka Pickerel) and the Northern Pike; the latter being an
acquired taste as far as eating goes.
Which Species are Found in Which Lake?
As the Great Lakes are inter-connected,
virtually all the named species can be found in any of them. However, a
fisherman can target a trip according to taste. The following are the
individual Lakes’ specialties:
Lake Superior: Brook Trout, Lake Trout,
Salmon, Walleye/Pickerel, Northern Pike
Lake Huron: Bass, Salmon
Lake Ontario: Walleye/Pickerel, Salmon
Lake Erie: Walleye/Pickerel
Lake Michigan: Salmon, Brown Trout and
Yellow Perch
What is the Fishing Season?
As the Great Lakes border both Canada and
the United States, fishing regulations are agreed upon by the International
Joint Commission (IJC). Consult with the local State or Provincial Authority
for and license fees. Currently, the Great Lakes have no closed season for
either Trout or Salmon species. There is a daily catch limit of 5 per
fisherman, with no more than 3 of any one species, except salmon which has a
limit of 5 in total.
Happy fishing!


  1. I've grown up on these lakes, but I'm not much of a fisherman. I do love to swim in the great lakes though!

  2. I wish we live near a Great Lake, that would be such fun to fish in one!! I used to fish a ton as a kid, but don't really anymore.

  3. My son has been learning about all the oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. and I'd love to take him to see the Great Lakes. And fishing them would be just an added bonus!

  4. I'm not one for fishing, but I love eating fresh catch! My dad used to go fishing a lot and would always bring WallEye and Pike home. My mom would fry them up…pure yumminess!

  5. I can vouch that The Great Lakes is a fantastic area for fishing. Some amazing sea life. Some of the views are spectacular too.

    Lake Erie was probably my favourite spot. probably because I managed to catch some absolute beauties.

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