From Day to Night with Kohl’s 2014 Spring Trends #MC

Go from day to night with a few statement pieces from the Kohl's Spring #fashion trends. #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received a Kohl’s gift card to facilitate my post and as a thank you for participating.

We all know that I am not the most fashionable person in the world. The bottom line is that it just doesn’t come easily to me. That’s why I love places like Kohl’s, they make it so simple for someone like me. Not only do they have a wide range of great name brands to choose from at low prices, but they have all types of different styles available, so no matter what look you are going for, you are sure to find it at Kohl’s. They sent me a $75 gift card to go pick up some pieces from their new Spring fashion trends, and I wanted to share with you what I picked up!

One of the big trends this Spring is feminine blouses. Now, I don’t generally do blouses, or anything feminine for that matter, but when I saw this one that kind of ties into the nautical theme that is big this Spring, I just couldn’t pass it up. It’s from AB Studio, and I love how it is flowy and fun.

Another Spring fashion trend that I could really get into at Kohl’s was the laser cut shoes. These are really cute and fun, and flats are always speaking my language. I am not much for heels, but give me a comfy pair of flats any day. I picked up a more casual coral colored pair of laser cut flats from Sonoma and a dressier pair of laser cut flats from Sole Senseability to pair with the feminine blouse I bought.

When I paired these items together in different ways along with a pair of roll cuff jeans (another strong Spring trend) and a black statement necklace that I already owned, I easily took that feminine blouse from day to night with two separate unique looks. Check it out.

AB Studio feminine blouse and Sonoma laser cut flats from Kohl’s paired with roll cuff jeans I already owned for a comfy daytime look.

The same AB Studio feminine blouse is paired with a dressier pair of laser cut flats also from Kohl’s along with the same pair of roll cuff jeans unrolled and a black statement necklace for a fun nighttime look!

This video gives you a quick look at my shopping experience, as well as how I took a few Spring trends from Kohl’s and turned them into a day/night look.

While at Kohl’s I saw quite a few other pieces that caught my eye, even a dress, so I will definitely be headed back soon. The staff at our local store is always friendly and there are always great sales going on for my favorite brands. If you want to get a jump on the hottest Spring fashion trends, head on over to your local Kohl’s and check out their new Spring collections today!


  1. Love your choices. I have to say I'm liking many of the current trends coming up – one is extra strappy shoes so I'll be trying to amass some of those this season 😛 That shirt looks perfect on you. I wouldn't define it as 'feminine' per say but it does give a feminine flair on you though!

  2. I used to love shopping at Target for clothes, but now Kohl's is my go-to place for clothes. They always have amazing sales and coupons, too!

  3. I love shopping at Kohl's because it's all about ME when I do 🙂 I was there the other day checking out the spring looks and I really like the Striped Nautical Look – and the roll cuff denim, because short people like me don't need to hem their jeans then, LOL 🙂

  4. Those shoes seriously are adorable!! Fun to see how you would dress it up with a necklace and different shoes, makes a difference!

  5. Being fashionable doesn't come easy to me either. That's why I loved watching What Not To Wear on TLC. So sad this was their last season. It's wear I learned a lot about proper lengths for blouses and jackets and pants for my frame. I love the shoes you got they are so cute.

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