Fugly Friday – The Seattle Ugly, Rusty, Overpriced Vehicle Edition

Want this vintage VW? It will only cost you $4,000. Bright side? It disassembles for easy delivery. 

Apparently Seattle has an overabundance of people with rusty, ugly cars who think they are worth a fortune. It isn’t limited to cars though, there are also ugly rusted lawn mowers and just plain old car parts too. After seeing all the rusty vehicular treasures Seattle had to offer on their Craiglist page, I thought it would be fitting to dedicate this entire Fugly Friday post to them. Enjoy!

Spring is here and the grass is growing. Why not pick up this tractor for around $300 and pray that it will run long enough to sheer a blade of grass?

We all know how cheap gas is these days. You can purchase this rusted out gas tank and for fun, you can see whether it will spill the gas all over the ground or not. Who doesn’t enjoy a fun game of gas roulette?

Come on! You know you want to buy it. It is like a first class ticket to a tetanus shot. Why is it that when men want to see old piece of junk cars they call it a “project”?

They claim this engine runs well. I am finding this hard to believe. Runs where? Away from the car it was attached to?


  1. I wonder too. I imagine they probably do since there seems to be no shortage of ugly stuff on Craigslist every week.

  2. That fourth picture reminds my of my step-dad's bobcat. He has been having this "project" for years and years.

  3. sometimes I think you would be amazed at what people would buy. One's man junk is another mans treasure

  4. Really? I would think it just easier to take it to a scrap metal place than deal with posting on Craigslist.

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