Fugly Friday – The Ugliest Items on Craigslist in Harrisburg

Yes, I think everyone’s dream is to own a hot tub with the insulation falling out.

Today’s Fugly Friday post is actually a guest post brought to you by Amanda over at Confessions from HouseholdSix. If you have never visited Amanda’s blog, I encourage you to go check it out. She doesn’t just blog about the military, she uses her witty humor for all sorts of good and even has delicious recipes. This week, she wanted to try her hand at a Fugly Friday post and who am I to say no? She decided to go with her local Harrisburg, PA Craigslist page and came up with some real doozies for you this week. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ugly!

For $1,000, you don’t get a dune buggy, you get a dune buggy project. A total deal! The engine needs rebuilt among other things. Plus, you know, there are a ton of dunes in the middle of PA.

This is a steal of a car. It’s got a custom paint job and state inspection going for it. It doesn’t look like it should be anywhere close to passing inspection. It makes me wonder why we have to pay every year to get a sticker put on our cars.

For a mere $25 or $65 for all three, you can traumatize your children for life with these clowns.

These are some old school jump boots. I haven’t seen a pair of these in a long time. I think we might have a pair packed away in a box somewhere that my husband has, but now that the boots are tan and suede, these black boots that need polished are a relic of the past.

Yes, my children are asking Santa for a tarantula this year. *shudder*

Charming? More like vomit inducing. And the seller can’t make up their mind how much they wasted on this. Was it $100 or $90?

Who knew a doll from 1985 was antique? That must make me older than dirt.


  1. I don't know who's crazier… the people that try to sell this junk or the people that buy it? Assuming anyone buys it. 🙂

  2. I really don't know how yu write these, just scrolling past some of the photos creeps me out lol
    but I have to admit I might take a hottub even if it is craptastic looking. Cuz it's still a HOTTUB. (If its gross inside though, I'll pass)

  3. Oh. My. Goodness.

    This is my first time seeing a "Fugly Friday" post, and I have to admit that I just cracked up at the name alone. Some of the stuff for sale on the local craigslist give me the heebiejeebies—I think this is a hilarious idea. 🙂 I know what I'll be wasting my time doing for the rest of the afternoon! hahaha

  4. Once again thanks for the huge laughs!! Thinking I should do this on my Sited and Blogged site.. for my area because I know there is alot of junk on Craigslist.. LOL
    Do you mind.. if I copy your funny idea? I will call it something else.. or I can call it Fugly Friday and always link to you saying you started it 🙂

  5. Sheila has a great idea. Set up a banner and linky and we can all share our fugly finds from the Craiglist in our areas, haha.

  6. What on earth, these are all funny, im just thinking to myself who sells this stuff, id be out back burning half of it LOL

  7. This post totally should have had a warning about the clowns in the title- so going to have nightmares tonight! 😉

  8. Sorry about the clowns, but I couldn't resist posting them. They were just too "good" to pass. It's amazing what people sell, but after doing one of these posts, it's amazing how much work Kathleen puts into them every week.

  9. LMAO about 1985 being antique! Hahahaha!! I am older then dirt too then because I actually had one of those, LOL!

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