Fugly Friday: The Ugliest Things for Sale on Craigslist in New Orleans

This is for all you men out there that love a “project.” This project car will only cost you $3,100!

New Orleans has some beautiful old buildings, some sensational Mardi Gras floats, but even they aren’t safe from the ugliness that finds its way for sale on Craigslist. This week’s Fugly Friday post features the ugliest items that can actually be found for sale on the New Orleans Craigslist site. Keep in mind that none of these items are in the free section, they are all for sale and some are quite pricey. My favorite is the “project” car pictured above.

This is a real bargain. Buy the ugly statue for $25 and the nightmare you have is thrown in for free!

Supposedly these are “antique” carts, which must explain why you would pay $100 for broken junk.

While there is no doubt that this Coca Cola cooler is old, it may be a little too rusted and broken to be worth its $400 price tag.

Maybe it’s not a couch. Maybe it is an overpriced and over-sized scratching post for cats?


  1. That statue is beyond scary and my favorite bar stool/chair that I sit in to blog might look a lot like that sofa

  2. Ok, the clown IS scary BUT … it's an old piggy bank! You put the coin in his hand, pull the lever, and he pops it into his mouth. My great uncle used to collect those old cast-iron banks. They are actually (in good shape, etc) very collectable and valuable!

  3. I cannot believe people think others will but this crap.
    I am afraid of clowns to begin with, but if I were to have that scary one in my house, I would never sleep another minute again. =0

    These posts are some of my faves on your blog. =-)

  4. It amazes me what people will try to sell, and amazes me even more still at the people that will buy it! 🙂

  5. wow. I can't believe people actually sell this stuff…. more so I can't believe people BUY it!

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