Fugly Friday – Ugliest Things For Sale on Craigslist in Jackson

I am not an antique dealer, but I think $23,000 may be a little over priced for this statue of Uncle Sam.

I like Jackson, Mississippi, but even they are not immune from the ugliness that sometimes leaks out on Craigslist. I do these posts and it always amazes me the things people will try to sell and the prices they want for them. While there are plenty of treasures on Craigslist as well, these are not them.

Relax and enjoy a breeze of mixed rust and metal particles from this lovely fan. 
Have a seat won’t you? Maybe not…
Because we all go looking for broken umbrellas to use for parts. 
I would be a little afraid to put propane in this thing, let alone eat anything that was cooked on it. 
This air compressor is $3,000. We’re being punked right?


  1. Haha! I will have to send this to my friend she stalks Craigslist!

  2. Well, I guess what they say about people thinking all their own stuff is treasures is true 🙂

  3. Why that Uncle Sam statue is 23,000 is beyond me. Antique or not, I wouldn't want that ugly thing. 🙂

  4. Wow, if those items sell for the price they're listed for I'm moving there and going to start my own "antique" store.

  5. What the what?! I can see someone trying to give away some old junk, but really, to try and sell that crap? LOL

  6. That chair is awful.

    Not that I'm a collector either, but I do know that those iron banks (Uncle Sam) can go for quite a bit of money… I doubt 5 figures but several hundred at least.

  7. I go on CL every once in a while to see if there's anything worth buying and I'm sometimes appalled at what people list. What are they thinking? Let me call it 'vintage' and some idiot will buy it?

  8. Just crazy! I'd be embarrassed for people to see me throw some of the things I see on Craigslist in the trash, much less put them up for sale… and at the prices they ask for this stuff. 🙂

  9. I would be so afraid of what kind of litle bugger would be in that chair. EEWWW!
    IDK about you, but I wanna buy that Uncle Sam. I've got $23,000 in my back pocket just itching to go to that lady. =)

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