Fugly Friday – Ugliest Things for Sale on Craigslist in Wichita

Number 1 Ugly. Number 2, raise your hand if you remember this?

Good old Wichita, Kansas. Each time I got to do one of these posts, I secretly hope that I will not be able to find awful things to include in it. Just once, it would be nice to see people grow some common sense and know what is trash and what is sellable. I guess the old saying is true though, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Otherwise, why would things like this be for sale time and time again?

Supposedly this is a grill. If you cook me something in it though, I will call the police for attempted murder. 

Just because you have an old vehicle in your yard does not mean it is an antique that can be sold. 

“Oh what a cute clown statue” said no sane person ever. 

Dear Craigslist posters, describing something as comfy does not make it attractive. 

Who needs a broken headlight? Don’t you all rush in at once!


  1. People actually try to sell this? I've seen some pretty awful stuff for sale on Craiglist in our area and it never fails to amaze me.

  2. Yes, sadly these are all things that are actually for sale and not in the free section.

    Leilani – It is Pee Wee in the first picture LOL. I can remember watching his show when I was little.

  3. That clown looks like the clown in the USPS commercials!! Scary!! Have you done one for Vegas yet!!??

  4. There is someone out there willing to buy all this stuff.. even the couch, the clown, and the broken headlight. LOL!

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