Get Crafty With These Bargain Hunting Tips

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Knitted scarves, ceramic plates, sculpted figurines, origami, beaded jewelry and fabrics all fall under the craft umbrella but even then we’ve barely scratched the surface.  Coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors – they can take any form from home décor to fashion accessories to pieces to art. What ties them all together is simply being handmade or crafted by someone as a labour of love.

Where Craftsmen and Aficionados Meet
If you’re into crafts, the internet is a treasure trove of discoveries just waiting to be found. Craftspeople the world over turn to the web to share, display and sell their works. Pay Pinterest a visit and you’ll find the social networking site sprawling with all kinds of crafts ideas, inspirations and products. Etsy is another site that crafts aficionados would absolutely enjoy browsing through regularly—teeming with beautiful handmade items, with thousands of new creations being uploaded every day.

Shopping for Crafts
While your local mall perhaps carries hundreds upon hundreds of crafts, it can never outdo the selection and range of bargains that’s available online.
Classified ad sites such as are excellent starting points for your craft-buying endeavors, pointing you in the direction of secondhand or budget friendly sellers who use the site to list their handmade wares.
Use social media to your advantage and expand your list of favourite craftmakers to follow. Using the #craft hashtag allows you to discover sellers and by following them, you might get the inside scoop on any discounts or deals they may offer their followers.

Going offline is sometimes a great alternative when hunting for craft items. Check out your local newspaper and find out about local craft or flea markets to score great deals from nearby craftmakers or individuals looking to offload pre-loved or vintage items.  


  1. I love buying handmade items- I love the idea of shopping for them online because it opens your selection up to a lot more creative people!

  2. Unless I need supplies immediately, I try to find the best craft deals online. I also get my inspirations from the internet – Pinterest takes up SO much of my time!

  3. I must remember these ideas because you're so crafty and come up with great ideas to re-purpose items! I really like looking at items in stores, a lot of the 'new' vintage things they sell can easily be made at home for a fraction of the cost.

  4. One place I like for hand made items is Novica. They have artisans from all over the world at good prices.

    slehan at juno dot com

  5. I love Pinterest!! I've found some really good ideas there. I'd never thought of looking at classifieds! Great idea.

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