Get Kids Talking About Topics That Matter #ChannelOneNews

I was compensated for my time and effort in providing my honest opinion of Channel One News. All opinions are my own. 

My parents always had the news on when I was growing up, even now that I am older, there is a good chance that if I go to my mom’s house the news will be on. I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with my mom that started because of a story we saw when the news was on. It is important to me to be able to have those same type of conversations with my boys, but in today’s world, the news can often be so graphic and scary. Channel One News presents new topics that matter in a kid friendly way that allows families to talk about real issues in a way kids understand.

As a Channel One News ambassador, I will be sharing more about what I think of this resource for children over the next few months. Like Scott Evans, Shelby Holliday and Maggie Rulli, who are the three reporters on Channel One News. They present the day’s news topics in a fun, inviting and dare I say hip way? Is the word hip even cool anymore? Who knows, all I know is that Channel One News engages kids and brings up topics that really matter. Today’s show for example covered issues like the possible banning of trans fats, school improvement numbers and a meteor shower out west.

Ever sit at the dining room table with your kids at dinner time and ask them how their day went? The answer is probably going to be something like “Fine” or “Okay.” When children are exposed to Channel One News though, you can discuss real topics and have something to actually talk about. It sparks conversations about hard hitting news topics between parents and children and gives you a unique way to connect.

Want to try it out for yourself? All you have to do is register at Channel One News as a parent. Be sure to choose parent from the drop down menu when you register. I’d love to hear about the conversation that was sparked at your table because of Channel One News!


  1. What a great resource! My dude's a bit too young for "news" topics right now, but I'll be keeping this in mind for sure &I'm recommending it to my sister for her kids!

  2. That sounds so fun, and I love that they are having teens be a part of it, great way to get them active in something!!! Sounds like a fun channel!

  3. My daughter is just getting to the age where she's interested in the news! Thanks for sharing this great resource!

  4. It was the same way in my home growing up. And still to this day, my Mom has the news on. Nowadays, I don't because I don't want my son bombarded with the horrors that are constantly being shared on the news. This sounds like an incredible thing, though. A great way to keep up with the topics in the news without all the nastiness.

  5. I hate watching the news myself, the topics are way too depressing. I'm always scared to have the news on at all, but especially with the kids around. I'll have to check this out.

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