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As women, we all want to look good. Unfortunately, for us, looking good is not always synonymous with being comfortable. What if there was a bra with no dreaded under wire, that could be comfortable all day and would still lift and separate the girls like magic? Well, there is. The Genie Bra is super comfortable and works wonders to make you look your best without feeling your worst.

{No More Bulges or Drooping Straps}

I have struggled with finding the right bra my entire life. When I was younger, my mom was constantly having a fit over my bra straps slipping down off my shoulders. It doesn’t matter what bra I wear, short of a flattening  and unflattering sports bra, there was nothing that would keep the straps up. When I got the Genie Bra for review in beige, white and black, I was really doubtful. They looked an awful lot like a sports bra and I didn’t  think they would be very flattering. Boy was I wrong!

The Genie Bra really does do everything it claims. It lifts and separates so you can say goodbye to that dreaded uni-boob, without an uncomfortable under wire. The bra fabric is comfortable, not too tight and conforms to your specific size and shape. There are no lines, no drooping bra straps and best of all, no bulges. Another problem I had with traditional bras is that they would cause spillage and bulges out the top. Not with the Genie Bra though, and it can double as a camisole too. You wear it underneath a lower cut top and no one would be able to tell it isn’t a camisole or tank peaking out.

Also, they claim it is comfortable enough to sleep in, and they aren’t wrong. It is a dream I tell you. I personally like to use the included pads that can slip right into the bra itself, because we all know what can happen in chilly weather, but the pads are easy to remove or leave out all together if you like. Breastfeeding, that’s not a problem either, the fabric has a enough give to lift up or pull down easily. The Genie Bra can double as a sports bra as well, since it doesn’t ride up and provides plenty of support. Since I have gotten them, I have not worn a single one of my old bras, and I don’t plan on going back.

{Slim Tone Leggings for Less Lumps and Bumps}


Genie has also come out with Slim Tone Leggings. These are another miracle product. They are not difficult to get on like support top tights or pantyhose, but they do smooth out all the lumps and bumps you may have when wearing normal leggings. They also erase lines and just give you a sleek look. They aren’t going to help you drop those 20 pounds, but they will help you look your best while you do. The tops don’t roll down like some slimming brands I have tried in the past and they are extremely comfortable and durable. Since they are a bit thicker than some leggings, they are perfect for the weather right now and well into Spring.

{Buy It}

The Genie Bra is available on their site in three packs of various colors. There are packs of neutrals, pastels, brights and the classic set that I had the chance to review. There is even a lace trim version and the price works out to less than $20 per bra! To keep up with current news and promotions, be sure to follow the Genie Bra Facebook page.

I wrote this review while participating in a Blog Tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Genie Bra and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.



  1. These bras have changed my life. I am SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE!!!! Love love love I'm going to have to try the leggings!

  2. Robin, you would be surprised. I am a 38 D and they more than control me. There are also larger sizes, and they go up to cover a 48 DDD.

    Yes ladies, the leggings are fantastic! So comfortable and they really do smooth everything out. However, they are a little heavier, so I don't think I would be wearing them in a Florida summer.

  3. Do you ladies wear the leggings with shorter shirts? I am concerned about the crotch patch showing. (not sure what else to call it…)

  4. I do wear longer shirts with leggings just because I don't want too much showing LOL. I have never had a problem with anything showing through or being anywhere close to embarrassing. 🙂

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