Getting Your Home Ready for Spring is More Than Just Cleaning

Tips for spring cleaning every aspect of your life and not just your home this year.
When you think about spring, airing out your home and giving it a thorough
cleaning automatically comes to mind. But spring cleaning is more than just
gathering up your bucket and mop. It’s also a great time to get finances in
order and to check on your family’s health.

Getting Your Energy Budget Under Control

You’ve just survived a long cold winter with extreme heating bills and now
with spring in the air, you get a chance to use Mother Nature’s transitional
climate to let in some fresh air for free. But don’t get too comfortable, just
as winter packed a punch on your budget, it’s not long before summer arrives
and your monthly budget again takes a hit, this time, from your air
conditioning. Take this period of lull in your budget to do a bit of research on
rates for gas and electric, and see how you can get more savings to have your air and
heat set at a comfortable temperature for you and your family. With the
deregulation occurring in many major cities such as Corpus Christi, you now
have more
choices and the opportunity to select another supplier.  

Your Families Health

After a long winter of hibernation and inactivity, spring now gives you the
chance to get outdoors. Exercise is important for everyone at every age.
 Plan projects and fun things that you can do as a family. Sign up for a gym
and take classes together. If your children enjoy bike riding, pack up a picnic
basket with fresh fruits and vegetables and take a drive to the nearest park.
Park the car and take a long ride, after you’ve finished relax together and
discuss that outing while filling your bellies with pure wholesome energy.
Exercise can be anything you enjoy. Take up swimming, tennis, or long brisk
walks. It’s time to put down the video games and your cell phones and get your
bodies in shape. Not only will you look better, but you’ll feel great, improve your
overall health
and have more energy than you ever thought possible. 

Fueling Your Body with Good Food

With a hectic schedule and a busy lifestyle, eating out may occur more
often than you’d like. It’s quick and easy and best of all you don’t have to clean up after. On
the downside, many of these places include a lot of fats and oils that aren’t
good for your system. They can make you feel sluggish and bloated afterwards.
Instead,  make a list for the week and challenge yourself to make every
effort to eat at home. For one, you know the ingredients and for two you’ll
save a lot of money. If you have children, include them in on the planning, this will make it that much more fun. Include lean meats, fish, nuts, whole
grains and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Host a Yard Sale

With the arrival of spring, you now have the energy to comb through your
home and clean out the attic, basement and garage. If you haven’t cleaned these
areas for some time, chances are good that you’ve acquired a lot of things
which you no longer need. Make it a family project and spend a weekend sorting
through your things. The items that are in good shape can be sold at a yard
sale. Many people check the paper or read posted signs that advertise these
types of events. It’s a great way to de-clutter
you home
and make a few bucks on the side that you can use to fund your
next outdoor adventure.  

Spring is traditionally a time of regrowth, so why not use this time to not only get your home in top shape, but your body and your finances as well. The tips above can help guide you to giving your whole life a spring cleaning this year! 

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