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Do you remember skipping rocks, running through the wildflowers and rolling down hills? These simple pleasures of childhood are things that we have all had the enjoyment of experiencing as children. Remember literally rolling on the ground in fits of laughter, climbing trees and even jumping in mud puddles? Now think of what your childhood would have been like if none of these things were possible. Unfortunately, this year alone, 3.1 million children across the world will miss out on these and other experiences as they lose their chance to play forever. Read on to find out how you can help Give Childhood back to children in need.

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In countries all over the world, children are losing their right to play due to undernutrition. Vitamin Angels is aware of this issue, and is dedicated to providing life-saving viatmins and nutritional supplements to mothers and children in need. Give Childhood, a program sponsored by Vitamin Angels is helping to spread awareness about undernutrition across the globe, and give children back a healthy childhood. With your help, they will reach 40 million children with life changing vitamins in nearly 50 countries, including the US. You can help give back today by visiting Vitamin Angels Give Childhood to make a donation that will help deliver essential vitamins and minerals to at risk children in need

Vitamin supplementation is a low cost and effective way to give a healthy childhood back to a child. Just 25 cents will give a child the vitamins they need for an entire year! $300K is enough to Give Childhood through lifesaving vitamin supplements to 1.2 million children. Your support today will give the gift of childhood to those in need worldwide so please donate now.

What childhood activities were your favorite?

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  1. cost so little to give a child a chance at a healthy life . I always loved playing jump rope when i was younger

  2. I was a bookworm as a kid. Always had my nose in a book. I think this a great program, and the fact that it only takes $0.25/year is even better!

  3. We lived on a huge hill when I was a kid, and I have great memories of climbing on my bike at the top and coasting all the way down (I was too chicken to actual peddle too). 🙂

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