Give Your Car a Smell Makeover with New PERK Vent Wraps + Giveaway

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I don’t know about you, but I can never quite manage to make my van smell clean. With four boys stinking up such a small space it’s no wonder, and you better watch out if one of them decides to take their shoes off. I have tried a variety of fresheners trying to leave a clean fresh scent behind, but they either don’t work at all, or work for a few days before fizzling out. I was sent new PERK Vent Wrap to try in me van though, and I have to say that I think we have found a smell solution for our van.

PERK Vent Wraps

New PERK Vent Wraps provide an “Invisibly fresh” scent that lasts. With their revolutionary patent-pending design, this vent air freshener slips seemlessly into the vent of your vehicle and freshen your car discreetly. Really, you can’t see them at all. Better yet, they don’t affect the functionality of the vent, so it can still blow air and be adjusted normally.

There are a variety of scents for the PERK Vent Wraps. I received the smooth New Car, delicious Golden Vanilla and cool Absolute Zero scents to try out, but there are also Lush Valley and Clean Laundry scents as well. The New Car scent is definitely my favorite, and it really does help give the van an instant makeover, at least where our noses are concerned.

Using the PERK Vent Wraps is simple. You just unwrap a vent wrap from its individual packaging, slip it into the vent and you’re good to go. The vent wraps are equiped with a new StediScent® technology that relese the fragrance over time as you need it. This is way better than poducts that are super strong for a few day and then disappear. In fact, each PERK Vent Wrap lasts about two weeks, meaning each four pack set will give you about 60 days of freshness for your car.

You can purchase PERK Vent Wraps at Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, Target and other stores where car supplies are sold. You can Like PERK on Facebook for the latest news and promotions.

{Win It}

Want to a chance to win a six month supply of PERK Vent Wraps for your vehicle? Just enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US residents 18+ only.


  1. I drive kids around!!! LOL My husband SMOKES.. I will not let in MY car, but HE smells.. and he sits IN my car! I need some good scent!!

  2. I have three kids that play a lot of sports and between hauling them and they sweaty friends around or having their bags in the car and the stuffiness of winter, I could really use a fresh scent!

  3. I have a cat that has needed multiple trips to the vet… and when she gets nervous or scared she goes… and no matter how hard I have tried to clean my car (detailed it twice) I swear I can still smell her urine

  4. My car definitely could definitely use this, my husband doesn't think he should crack the window when he smokes in there, and it smells like a nasty ash tray, I can't stand getting in there, and when I have to take people places, I am totally and mean totally embarrassed.

  5. My husband is always using and eating in my car, so these are much needed.

    Rafflecopter name: Nicole Vosburgh

  6. My car needs a PERK vent wrap because my boyfriend uses it to haul his dog and smelly paintball gear to practice every weekend.

  7. my kids eat in the car and leave some old food in it and they have puked in it also and it would need some of these.

  8. I have pups that ride in my car and 2 Grandchildren that love to eat in Grandma's car. Then new car smell would be wonderful to have!

  9. I'm a single Mommy to three amazing kiddos and I work part time and often we literally end up living/eating in my vehicle lol Okay not literally but you get my point and sometimes my car smells like stale French fries. I need some help.

  10. normal air fresheners dont fit in my vents. also i kep my work shoes in my car….

    danielle marie xdanimarie(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. My grandson has the worst gas – LOL – is that bad to say? I love him dearly but man, can he stink up a car – LOL

  12. I need these are between kids and dogs who are always going somewhere the car has a odd odor mixture of both!
    Laurie Emerson
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

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