Guess What?

So I have been biting my nails the last two weeks since our surrogacy transfer waiting to see whether it worked or now. Well, yesterday I had my first Beta and I am so so happy to announce… I am pregnant!!!!! The transfer was a success and my first Beta number was 1,928, which is a great strong number. I have a repeat Beta on Wednesday where the numbers are supposed to have doubled and then it is on to the six week ultrasound the week of Thanksgiving to see how many are in there! I am so happy for my IF’s!

To be truthful, I have been testing positive since about 3.5 days after transfer, but I told my IF’s I would not say a word and I kept my promise, since they didn’t want to know before the Beta. It was really awesome to get to watch the lines on the pregnancy tests get progressively darker. Something you don’t get to usually see in a regular pregnancy.


  1. YAY! That is amazing! I am happy for both you and the parents to be! What a great.. no.. AMAZING gift you are giving!

  2. The gift of a child is the most precious gift one woman can give to another. What you are doing for your IF's is awe inspiring. While we received our DD via traditional adoption, I can tell you that not a single day goes by that I don't thank the Lord for her natural mother, and that we don't pray for her natural family together. I can't wait to follow this pregnancy, I am so excited for you and your IF's.

  3. Congratulations! That's so awesome! My daughter struggled for years trying different methods. She finally got pregnant, delivered (and made me a proud grandpa) 7 months ago.

    The first attempt at In Vitro 7 years ago didn't work but this time it did! She's 31 years old and was starting to give up!

  4. OH how happy the couple must be I bet you made their year and they are over the moon excited and nervous. Your such a blessing. Healthy happy 9months to you

  5. You are an amazing person. It takes a special, strong, selfless, woman to be able to give of herself in this manner.

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