Helping Those Who Once Helped Me #SiennaDiaries

This post was created as part of my participation as a #SiennaDiaries blogger, all opinions are my own.

Last week I gave back the 2014 Toyota Sienna that has affectionately been known around our house as “Laura.” We had all come to love that van, me for the comfort and the boys for the entertainment it provided. Before our time was over, we wanted to use the Sienna do a little good in our community. So, we loaded up the ample trunk space with groceries, and headed down to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

A long time ago when I only had two boys instead of four, and they were quite a bit younger than they are now, I found myself without a penny to my name and no food in my pantry. My ex-husband had been a drug addict, and when I took the boys and moved into my mom’s house when her and my dad were away for the summer, we had no food, and no money to buy any either. I had signed up for benefits, but it was going to take some time, and I was desperate. Second Harvest Food Bank is one of the places that helped me during this time. They helped with information of food pantries that they delivered supplies to on a regular basis, and because of those deliveries and the resources they provided, my boys and I did not go hungry.

So, when it came time to choose somewhere that I wanted to give back to, Second Harvest Food Bank was a no-brainer. I’ve already shared with you in the past my love the 2014 Toyota Sienna’s trunk space. While it is the same width as a normal van’s trunk space, it dips way down and provides more room than we would ever need. See this photo? That is 22 bags full of groceries, and there was still plenty of room for more.

On one of our last days with the Toyota Sienna, we loaded that trunk and pulled up to the Second Harvest Food Bank. I made sure the boys had helped pick out the food, and we cut all activities and extras for the week to pay for it. I wanted them to see what it meant to give up something so that others could benefit. When we arrived at Second Harvest Food Bank, it was the boys who loaded up their hands and hauled the food inside.

They were all smiles, and I think they realized how good giving back could feel. We will be stopping in to volunteer at the Second Harvest Food Bank on Thursdays now, so that we can continue to give back to the people who once gave to us!


  1. Definitely a great cause to help. Many who would never expect to need such a service, do at some point in their lives.

  2. That shot of the boys carrying the bags in is awesome and it shows just how much you donated. Really awesome!

  3. What a great way to teach your boys how to give back. Fantastic! I also love the picture of your boys carrying in the bags of groceries.

  4. You're doing a great job by teaching the boys how important it is to give back. We did a food drive for ours with Cub Scouts this past summer and we will participate next year as well.

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