High Multiplication Table Method for Dyslexic Children

multiplication for dyslexic children

As I have mentioned before, I am homeschooling Jordan this year. He has a learning disability and I am trying to give him the one on one help he needs to get caught up. We came to a point where we needed to multiply higher level numbers. This was a problem, because while he has a method worked out in his head to do the lower numbers like 4 x 2, he has a hard time when it is something larger like 8 x 7.

The problem is, he can’t memorize. Well, he can, but it is on a much slower and lower level than a non learning disabled child. I found this new method of teaching the higher times tables and it has worked wonders for him. While it seemed difficult to me, it was easy for him.

Step 1: Mentally number your fingers of each hand as shown below.

Step 2: Follow the steps on the image below.

Have you tried this method with your child or do you have any other tips for teaching multiplication to a child who is learning disabled? Feel free to share your comments below.


  1. Great tips, I have to admit I've let the school teach this to the kids. We are all math minded and that seems to be an easy subject for all the kids.

  2. I am afraid I am not getting the below part of it to know the numbers of 10s, but if it works I am all for it!

    ellen beck

  3. Love that you are home schooling to make sure he gets the right amount of attention to help him get further in his education career! Wish I knew this trick!

  4. My daughter is beginning to learn multiplication in third grade and it won't be long before she can benefit from this technique!

  5. This is a great tip! I'm not dyslexic but I'm getting tested for dyscalculia, I don't understand arithmetics. It's sad – a third grader is better at math than I am, but I never got tested for it as a child so it just worsened as I grew older and now I really want some help.

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