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The holidays are a time for love, laughter, visiting with family and stress. Oh the stress! Are you going to have the gift bought in time? Did you pick up the ham for Christmas dinner? Is the house clean for when guests arrive? When you should be enjoying family, you’re stressing over whether that gigantic dust bunny that you’ve all named Fred is still living under the kids’ bed since the last time you checked. It shouldn’t be so hard, and now it doesn’t have to be. Want to be the perfect holiday host? Check out these incredible holiday hosting tips from Hampton Hotels.

Tip 1: Be the Best Off-Site Host Ever!

We all love our families, but let’s face it, you put us in a house alone with them for a few days and each other’s throats. That’s why tip number one is to be the best off-site host you can be. Hampton Hotels uses a term known as Hamptonality to explain the hospitality they show to each of their guests. Choosing a Hampton Hotel for your holiday guests ensures that they are being catered to even when you’re not there. With over 1,900 locations, Hampton Hotels are a perfect place to stay no matter where guests are visiting from.

Tip 2: Surprise Your Guests with Welcome Treats

Who doesn’t like to have treats? Giving your guests a welcome treat is a great way to instantly make them feel special. Remember the Santa Cookie Pops from a few days ago, they would make a great welcome treat for holiday guests. Hampton Hotels know all about this, they often include a local treat for guests when they check into the hotel.

Tip 3: Make Time for Exercise and Fresh Air

Being cooped up in a crowded house is no ones idea of fun. Make sure you plan plenty of activities that include getting exercise and fresh air. We have a season ice skating rink with faux ice that sets up in town during the holidays, that would make the perfect outing for when guests visit. Guests at Hampton Hotels can enjoy plenty of exercise in their fitness centers and swimming pools.

Tip 4: Make Time for Resting

Just like you need to make time for getting out, you also need to schedule time to stay in and rest. Take it from someone with experience, if you plan a jam-packed schedule, you are only going to burn everyone out and no one will have fun.

Tip 5: Stock Up on Extras

Take a tip out of your local Hampton handbook and anticipate what your guests might need or have forgotten and stock up on it. Also, try to gauge the extra food, drinks and other essentials that are needed when hosting extra family members.

Tip 6: Plan Fun Games

Who doesn’t love games? There is a ton of holiday fun you can plan to have with visiting guests. Have an ugly holiday sweater contest or a gingerbread man decorating competition to get the festivities started!

Tip 7: Big Breakfasts

A big breakfast is not only good for you, it gets the day started off right for your guests. If they’re staying at a Hampton Hotel, they will be treated to a free hot breakfast including fresh-baked waffles each morning!

Tip 8: Celebrate Past Holidays 

Reminiscing about past holidays spent together can be a great way to life the mood of any get together. Get out old photos or videos of past holidays and enjoy going through them with your guests.

Tip 9: Plan One Special Night for the Adults

The holidays are generally all about the kids, as they should be. Every once in a while though, it is nice for the parents to get away alone together. Plan to have a babysitter or ask the grandparents to take over for the night, so the parents can get out for some fun alone.

Tip 10: Prepare!

Don’t save things until the last minute. Prepare for your guests and anticipate what they might need. Plenty of planning is the best way to make your guests feel welcomed. Easy pre-planned meals can give you more time for your guests and cut down on the workload when they are visiting!

{The Hamptonality Difference}

Hampton Hotels have 1,900 locations worldwide, so there is almost always one nearby. Each of these locations offers guests free hot breakfast with fresh-baked waffles, free wired or wireless high speed internet in each guest room, and the signature clean and fresh Hampton bed® for a perfect night’s sleep.

Hampton also offers something known as Hamptonality to each of their guests. This is their ideal of what customer service truly should be.

The 5 Tenets of Hamptonality are:

  • Unexpected delight
  • Being anticipatory
  • Sharing a compliment
  • Providing a moment of humor
  • Showing empathy

It’s ideals like this that make Hampton Hotels the perfect compliment to your holiday hosting for visiting guests.

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  1. I like to be anticipatory. I usually provide my guests with a "Welcome" basket when they arrive. It is filled with things they may/may not need during their visit! Ya never know when that aspirin may come in handy (during the holidays!) – CJ Godfrey

  2. I definitely am one to stock up on extras for guests – whether it's their favorite foods, music, linens, etc., I try to make sure they have everything they need to feel comfortable and taken care of!

    Geoff K
    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

  3. We always try and make sure our guests have what they need and know where to find extra items like food.

  4. Unexpected Delight: We welcome all of our guests with a large Breakfast, choice of omelets, several meats, multiple egg styles, waffles (homemade)!!!

  5. I try to be anticipatory by leaving a basket in their room with toiletries and other items they may have forgotten or need while they're staying to make them feel at home. We also do the big breakfasts!

  6. I love giving little treat bags for all guest to take home as a welcome gift and along the way have an agenda built so no part of the day goes to waste

  7. hahaha MY guests are always family. They KNOW I do NOT do early mornings. Oh no, Gramma is retired from the crack of dawn when the kids force you to get up routine. Gma gets to sleep in until 8:30 now. BUT I DO have everything they love to make for Breakfast on hand. hahahaha. I DO still make dinner, however. And I do remember what everyone's favorites are and make them when they are here. I remember who likes what sort of pillow, what blankets, etc. We even kept more TVs on the Satellite service than we actually even need, just so they can have TV in their guest rooms. hahaha Which are their own old bedrooms!

  8. We stock our firdge and pantry with our guests' favorite foods and beverages to make them feel at home.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  9. I try to make them feel at home by having plenty of food and drinks on hand and having a comfortable place for them to sleep.

  10. I always have something fun planned for my guests, that everyone will enjoy
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  11. One way I do is when my guest stay over they do get a hospitality basket I have created from free samples on sale washcloths etc. Merry Christmas!

  12. I don't have guests often, but when friends are in town I try to anticipate needs and be prepared with things or info they might need!

  13. I like to stock the guest room with special items like nice soaps and magazines. I also make the bed super comfy with extra pillows and nice bedding.

    tderosa142 at gmail dot com

  14. I always try to put myself in my guests shoes. I try to anticipate every need and provide every comfort I can. Big meals and lots of goodies are important as well.

  15. I would make sure there is plenty of extra bedding. I recently stayed somewhere and there was not enough bedding to keep me warm. thank you


  16. I like to plan fun activities for my guests including special kid busyness and a parent's night out so everyone feels special.

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