Hot Fashion Trends for Spring 2014

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I will admit to spending way too much time in pajamas lately. When all of the bots switched to homeschooling, getting dressed in the morning just doesn’t seem like that high of a priority. Along with getting the house organized over the next few weeks though, I am working on getting myself organized too. I need to start getting up and dressed up each day for me. Why, because it just feels good. So, I started looking into some of the hottest Spring 2014 fashion trends this week, and I have to say that I like a few of them.

1. Something Sweet

Sweet pastel colors, embellishments and pieces trimmed in lace are going to be a huge hit this year. I am not into things that are super frilly, but a little lace can be sweet and easily dress up something mundane like a t-shirt.

2. Bermuda Shorts

I am throwing my hands up and saying thank the Lord for this one. I am so sick of the short shorts from years past. I for one am looking forward to the longer length and more comfortable feel of bermuda shorts.

3. Shirt Dresses

Another great trend for the ladies like myself who have some faults they want to high. With knee length or even tea length shirt dresses in this Spring, I may actually add a few dresses to my wardrobe.

4. Bold Jewelry Pieces

I tend to wear more neutral colors and am not big on embellishments, but I love a bold statement jewelry piece. The Djula Jewelry Collection has a great selection of bold statement pieces that send out a strong message without being over the top!

What trend are you most looking forward to this Spring?


  1. Girl, I am so with you on the Bermuda shorts. Those short shorts are not for me and never were even when I was young!

  2. I'm not sure I can pull any of those off but I love the look of the sheer lace in many current pieces.

  3. I'm not one for fashion trends. Just give me something comfy and that looks good on me and I am good to go.

  4. Okay all of those are actually really exciting to me! I only wear Bermuda shorts {I just can't do short shorts!} & the other ones are all things I like too. Looks like I'm going shopping!

  5. I'll admit that I'm a totally girl girly when it comes to fashion. I love ruffles, frills, and lace. However, much as I like white clothing, I can't wear it often since I'm not good at keeping white clean.

  6. I am trying to get better at bold jewelry this year. I am a very simple kind of jewelry girl but hoping to take more "risks" this year.

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