How Choosing The Right Stroller Can Save Your Sanity

nothing worse than trying to contend with a bulky and unwieldy stroller
as well as trying to hold a child, or even control four. This is
especially true when going up stairs or through narrow doorways, or when
you’re trying to put the stroller away. You can end up hot, bothered,
stressed and unhappy, with your child probably reflecting these feelings
from you too.

is why the right stroller for your needs can save you time, space and
most important of all, your sanity, leaving you calm, collected and
(relatively) stress-free.

What You Need Out Of a Stroller

a stroller will be able to be used from birth up until about four
years; will be adaptable, safe and lightweight, but durable. You need to
think about your environment and where the stroller will be used most.
For instance, country lane walking will require sturdier wheels than
city living, which will need to be lightweight for stairway travel.
Britax Lightweight Strollers
are ideal as they offer very adaptable, durable travel systems that are
designed for ease of use for the parents and a comfortable ride for
your child. Multi-position seat means that they can be laid flat for
newborns but also in a sitting position for toddlers who want to see the
world. The seats can be taken out and baby car seats added in, making
it useful for a wide variety of situations. Models are also available
where seats are reversible so you can have your child facing you should
you wish. If you need it to accommodate more than one child, you can add
extra seating or consider a double stroller.

strollers also have a one-handed pull fold mechanism, a compact folded
size, and an automatic fold lock so it won’t unfold as you try to move
it. A good stroller will also have a rain-cover, plenty of room for
shopping and are comfortable for you push, stop and carry when folded.  

you go to purchase your stroller, see if you can’t have a go at pushing
it, folding it and opening it again, and see if it’s the right one for

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  1. I've gone through SO many strollers but now I realize dropping a little more on a stroller may mean that it lasts longer and for more children down the line.

  2. My step sister in law and her partner have been on the hunt for a double stroller. Even after reading reviews and hearing recommendations from friends, they're having quite the time!

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