How to Deal with Unruly Kids at Home

As a parent, you get kind of used to dealing with kids that can be a bit hyperactive or boisterous.
Children go through phases of behavior and parents must adjust to their changing behavior as they
grow, mature and adapt.

The same goes for times when they bring their friends or the neighbor’s kids over and they’re unruly
themselves. Then you have the problem of not being able to be that strict with them because
they’re not your children, but also not being seen as too lenient in front of your own child or
children. It’s a delicate balance for sure. No one said parenting would be easy!

Here are a few suggestions about how to deal with unruly kids and handle the fallout when things
get broken or damaged in some surprising ways.

No Running in the House 

When your kids have been known to tear around between rooms and injure themselves on the
corner of a table or fall, then you have a problem. There’s always the risk they’ll collide into a family
member and cause an injury without meaning to. The best way to deal with this problem is to make
a “no running in the house” rule.

If you’ve got a back yard, then running there could be permitted when the garden sprinkler isn’t out
ready and waiting to trip them up. The thing to remember with children is that they do obviously
silly things without thinking. Sometimes it’s just due to a lack of life experience or forethought, but
trips to the emergency room often happen through kids being kids. At least if you can keep their
activities on the soft grass and not near hard objects, they’ll be a little safer.

Set the Rules 

The unrulier the children are, the more they require strict rules. Parents must set rules about the
things they are not allowed to do. This is important when it comes to things like not using the hot
stove and heavy pan that they’re too weak to lift. They can easily scold themselves if they try to lift it
when hot water has been boiling. When your children break the rules, there must be consequences
they’ll care about. Otherwise, it’ll be chaos.

Ultimately, children need structure. They want to feel safe in the world. Their comfort zone is small.
This is why most children feel uncertain when going on a trip in the car and want to know where
they’re going and what time they’ll arrive.

Accidental Damage 

Accidents happen. When the kids are following the rules, accidents should be accepted as a learning
experience for everyone. As long as there was no disobeying the “no running in the house” rule,
then accept that life just happens. When it comes to accidental damage, it’s inevitable with kids at
home. It could be a vase that topples off the table and breaks or accidentally knocking the portable
hard drive on the desk that partly pulls the cable out from the side of the laptop.

In the case of the vase, gluing it back together can be a learning experience. A cable from an external
hard drive being pulled out of the USB port while powered up will corrupt files and the master file on
the drive that tells it where everything is stored. For Secure Data Recovery, you may need to seek help to recover any files damaged in this manner.

Getting control of kids that have become a bit too lively isn’t something you can fix overnight if
they’ve been running wild for a while. They’ve now learned that it’s acceptable behavior or they can
get away with it, so changing their attitude and behavior will take a firm stance to switch things back
to an acceptable level of chaos again!


  1. Very practical down to earth info. My children (2 boys and 2 girls) are now grown. Definitely enforced the rules, and even then sometimes things get broken and the occasional trip to emergency. Thank you for sharing. For me it was a trip down memory lane! 🙂

  2. In my opinion, when the child is undisciplined it is because they lack rule. That's exactly why I agree when you say that parents should set rules.

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