How to Get Kids to Read During the Summer

When summer rolls around, my boys want nothing to do with anything that even looks like school work. In fact, getting them to pick up a book is like pulling teeth. That is where CWIST comes in. You may remember that I shared CWIST with you a few months ago. Well, they have created a new summer reading category on the site that rewards children when they complete the CWIST’s by reading books from their summer reading list.

{3 Steps to Summer Reading Fun}

Summer reading with CWIST is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, you can go into your CWIST account and simply upload the summer reading list from your child’s school. Then, you or your child can select a “wish” that will be granted when they successfully complete the task. Last, the kids just have to start reading to earn their reward. See? A fun and easy way to get the kids reading this summer.

Want to make it even easier? Some of the states and schools have already uploaded CWIST’s for their summer reading lists. For instance, the Florida Department of Education has already developed a CWIST with ours, so I only had to go and assign it to the boys to get them started reading and earning rewards.

Head on over to the CWIST site to upload your child’s summer reading list and start making reading fun this summer!

I am a CWIST ambassador, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Kids need all the motivation they can get! Adults do too for that matter. At least this one does. 😉

  2. My daughters both love to read but my son is another story (no pun intended). He takes a lot more convincing but we refuse to let up!

  3. My (now going into) 3rd grader doesn't really care for reading but this summer we've made it a point. She has to read only chapter books and has to read 1 chapter a day. she has actually gotten into it more and brings her book in the car if we have to go out.

  4. I like that schools are getting online. My child typically does not communicate school stuff with me so I have to search for it.

  5. My son was an avid reader… yet as he's gotten older he only wants to read the books he wants to read. At his school they have AR (accelerated reading) goals and he doesn't like that he HAS to read certain books. He wants to read just for the joy of reading. Sadly, AR has hurt my son's love of reading. He reads 3-4 years above his grade level, so that's what he is required to read and test on, but his 10 year old mind enjoys 4th-6th grade level books, though. Sigh.

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