How To Humiliate Your Cat

No, this post is not really about how to torture your cat. Well, at least it’s not about how to torture them for no reason. See, we had one of our cats fixed on Wednesday. She is a complete indoor cat, so just the ride to the vet plus waking up with part of her insides missing kind of freaked her out anyway. When we went to pick Izzy up, the vet did not mention having a cone. In fact, a cat that we had fixed in the past was sent home with one, but ended up never needing it. So, I thought nothing of taking Izzy home without one.

Unfortunately, when we arrived home, it became apparent that we were going to have to do something, because she began biting at her stitches like they were fish flavored snacks. Since we live about an hour from the vet round trip and they were already closed, we had to try an make our own Elizabethan collar for her. Below you will some of our first attempts. One was too small and she could simply reach over to resume biting, one was wide enough mostly, but she found she could proper her butt up on something and still reach the stitches, the black one was too skinny and she wouldn’t have been able to eat or drink in it.

Finally, we came up with a winner. We stapled two styrofoam bowls together to make them more sturdy, cut hole in the bottom for her head and taped around the edges so they wouldn’t hurt her neck. She is clearly oh so happy with us, as you can see from the picture. I don’t care though, I would rather her be wearing a rather ugly cone collar, then be hurting herself.

Did you cat need a cone when they were fixed?


  1. Aw, my cat would have gone crazy in one of these. He was fixed when we got him so we didn't have to deal with this.

  2. Awww, I feel so mean laughing but it's too cute not to giggle. I hope she is healing up from her stitches.

  3. Oh poor thing! I haven't had to get a cat fixed, but I think you did the right thing making the cone since she was going to pull her stitches out. 🙁

  4. Poor kitty! I think they remember things like this, and will definitely give you some 'tude about it later on! haha

  5. Ahhh yes. Our cats give us serious attitude over things like this when we are just trying to help them.

  6. awwww poor baby. When we had our cat fixed he didn't do what your cat did so no he didn't need a collar. But glad u found something to help her

  7. Our old cat (who now lives with my parents) was fine after getting fixed, however my parents' dog was an absolute nightmare after she was spayed and had to return to the vet!

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