How to Plan Great Events for Your Kids

Whether it’s birthdays, graduations or just a well-deserved bonanza, throwing events for your
children is one of the enduring joys of parenthood. As well as seeing your kids happy and excited,
from a parenting perspective events are important for a child’s social development, exposing them
to small features of adulthood such as socializing, sharing, and making sure everyone is having
fun. Creating these happy memories is easy and enjoyable; read through these tips to ensure that
the next party you plan for your young ones is all smiles and laughter, with moments to cherish for
the rest of their lives.

Plan in Advance 

Forget what they say about ‘the best laid plans’ – the most enjoyable parties and events are those
that have been adequately planned in advance. Think of everything, from selecting a date, location
and theme, to creating and sending your child’s personalized birthday party invitations, to what
everyone will be eating and drinking. As your plan comes together, you’ll find yourself more excited
than anxious about the big day as it draws near – and good planning will free you up to enjoy the
party as it happens, instead of fretting about RSVPs, transport, or even gluten-free bread.

Think of Games 

All the way up to adulthood – and beyond, for that matter – games are what makes a great party,
and most won’t cost you a dime. Kids adore games of all sorts, though the sillier the better is
usually a suitable rule for parties. Think of ways to get everyone involved – games like blind man’s
bluff and piñata-smashing are guaranteed to get everybody laughing in a collaborative spirit of
having fun. Have a list of games that you’ve got the materials to play, but don’t expect to play all of
them – go with the consensus of your children and their friends.

Have a Surprise up Your Sleeve 

Like a children’s magician, you’ll be greeted with cries of happiness if you keep one element of the
party a complete secret until the last minute. Maybe you’ve bought a trampoline which you have
hidden in the garden, or you booked for everyone to go bowling – whatever it is, a surprise added
on top of having all their friends around them will bring wide smiles to your children’s faces.
Surprises are something all humans enjoy receiving, so however small, it would be fun to have one
to unveil at the right moment.

Record the Event 

There’s nothing like a good old embarrassing home video to remind you of the joys of youth, and
you should always have a camcorder, smartphone or camera to record whatever event you’re
throwing so that your children will be able to revisit the memories when they are grown up. The
unbridled energy of children at parties is sure to guarantee footage that’s endearing, entertaining,
and sometimes hilarious!

Children’s parties are great fun to organize and extremely gratifying to watch unfold as your little
ones laugh and giggle their way through an afternoon that you’ve worked hard to make happen.
These tips should sit you in good stead the next time you throw a bash for your kids.

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