How To Select the Safest Baby Products for your Little Ones

This post was made in collaboration with Baby Value.

It’s the question
that’s on every parent’s mind – how do I ensure that the stuff I buy for
my little one is safe, reliable and durable? This is especially true for items
such as toys and furniture which your baby comes into contact with on a regular

Here are some practical tips to keep in mind when shopping for your baby.

Cribs, changing tables, walkers and high chairs
are just some of the most common pieces of furniture found in nursery rooms. As
your baby spends most of their time occupying these spaces, the number one thing to
keep in mind is to ensure that these products meet safety
mandated by regulatory bodies.
Ensure that these items have no sharp corners or
locking mechanisms that may cause harm to your baby. For the parent on a
budget, secondhand baby furniture might be tempting but you can never be 100%
sure of previous use and whether they have been maintained in suitable
condition by the previous owners.
If it’s budget you’re concerned about, but you
still want the safest products for your baby, then shopping at reputable
factory outlets such as Baby Value is the best, most
safest and budget-friendly option. By shopping at factory outlets, you’re able
to enjoy brand new premium products at low prices without compromising on
quality or durability.
Preparing your vehicle for your little one is
essential for the parents of today who have to balance work, leisure and
relationship commitments with a newborn. Ensure that you select the right car
seat for your little one’s age. Using an infant seat for a toddler that has
outgrown it may cause discomfort and added risk if you were to get in an
accident. Ensure that the restraints fit your child in a comfortable but firm
position, avoid any slack and that the harness straps are straight and in flat
contact with your little one.
choosing the right toys for your baby, always take note of the age requirements
stated by the manufacturer. Depending on the age of your child, various
products could be deemed a safety hazard. For example, infants and toddlers may
swallow or ingest toys with small detachable parts as they have a habit of
putting whatever they find into their mouths! Also ensure you carefully read
all toy safety labels to make sure all toys are lead-free as lead
poses serious health risks for your child.


  1. My boys have so many teeny tiny toys and it makes me nervous with a newborn in the house. I'll have to start keeping an eye out when she gets mobile.

  2. Great tips! Our son got a toy train last year for his birthday from one of our friends, and we have to put it on the shelf for nine months after we turned around and he'd shoved an entire piece of it completely into his mouth.

  3. There is so much to think about when buying things for your children! Having age-appropriate toys is so important so that they don't get hurt or choke on the pieces.

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