How We Survive Extended Road Trips #MottsEveryday

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Riding in a car for a long period of time is no fun. It is even less fun when said car is loaded down with supplies for a 70 day road trip, and you are stuck in it with four kids and little space to move around. My boys have grown used to extended road trips, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still get restless. I have written tips on road tripping with kids before, but today I thought I would show you exactly how we survive extended road trips.

We Have Fun

Since I make the boys unplug for our long trips, there is no putting in a movie or playing on a handheld device. The boys have to find other ways to have fun. They can play for hours with each other with nothing other than a few stuffed animals. I once watched my youngest use an empty juice box as a car in his lap for hours. We like to have fun any way we can, that is why I load down my iPhone with some fun road tripping songs and we all jam out to them in the car.

We Take Breaks

One of the only reasons we survive particularly long legs of an extended road trip is by taking breaks. I need them and so do the boys. We like to stop at a rest stop if we’re on the Interstate or if we drive through a town and see a park, we stop and have lunch there. Anywhere where the boys can stretch their legs and work off some steam.

We Stay Away from Sugary Junk

No soda and candy in our car. You might find beef jerky, apples or crackers, but no sugary junk food that could get them all hyped up. That’s why I love the new bold flavors of Mott’s juice drinks. We recently had the chance to try the new Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush and Mott’s Wild Grape Surge, and they instantly became a huge hit with the boys. The individual serving containers are perfect for in the car, and the bold flavors make them think they are drinking something bad for them, when really is a great healthier alternative to other drink options.

New bold Mott’s juice drinks are available in stores nationwide, and feature 40% less sugar* than fruit juices. They have no artificial sweeteners, are made with real fruit juice, have 100% daily value of Vitamin C and  contain one serving of fruit** per container. They help keep the boys happy without causing them to bounce off the walls. The boys love the taste of the new flavors, especially the Fruit Punch Rush, and I love that they are healthier than sugary alternatives. You can get a coupon for Mott’s juice below!

We Have Rules

Being in a car is no different than being at home. There are rules that need to be followed, and when they are broken there are consequences. As much as I don’t like handing out consequences while we are in the car because I know it is boring and not fun, there needs to be consistency in what you’re saying. So, if one of the boys continues with bad behavior on the road, they receive a timeout for a set period of time once we reach our destination. The threat of not getting to run around and explore the campsite when we reach our destination is usually enough to reign in bad behavior.

We love traveling, and extended road trips are part of the process. That said, they don’t have to be full of screaming and fighting. The tips above are just a few that I use to make sure our car stays full of healthy, happy people when travel.

*Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush and Wild Grape Surge have 15g sugar and the market average of 100% fruit juices and blends have 25g sugar.

**Provides 1 fruit serving per 8 fl oz.  Current USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend a daily intake of 2 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet.  1 serving = ½ cup of 100% juice.


  1. You are a brave woman! I would love to go on a road trip with my family but I might go crazy!!

  2. I haven't seen those Mott's drinks yet, but I'm going to look for them!

    You are AWESOME! Those road trips are memories your boys will have FOREVER!

  3. I would love to go on a road trip with my kids, but I don't feel I could handle going where I want to go with them by myself. Thanks for the tips.

  4. We love Mott's apple juice but we haven't tried their fruit punch sounds like it's worth a trip to the grocery store.

  5. The trips you take are so amazing I can't even imagine the great memories and bond your kids will have for the rest of their lives from these trips.

  6. You've really got this mom gig down, Kathleen. I love your mindset about turning off electronics.

  7. Thanks for so many great tips. I do that as well with the turning off electrics during the trip. Helps us reconnect as a family.

  8. It's great that they're well seasoned at road trips. Travel is so fun! I haven't seen those juices yet, will be looking for them.

  9. I like that there is so much less sugar in these and that you keep candy and soda out of your car. That's probably a must when on a long trip!

  10. We're about to take a huge road trip ourselves, and you've got me trying to remember all our rules and tips, too (since it's been a while). Great job!!

  11. These are some great tips for long road trips. I especially agree with limiting sugary drinks. My grandkids start acting up after they consume sugar.

  12. I followed along with your trip last year and again this year, and I've always wondered how you do it. These are great tips! I don't think I'll ever try 70 days with my kids, but I think these are still good for our weekend road trips 🙂

  13. Sounds like you are having a blast and it is important to keep the rules of home for the car! Love your tips, very similar to ours!

  14. I was wondering how you were keeping everyone sane. Those are great suggestions for car trips…and life.

  15. I'd trust any tips you give out for road tripping with kids! The amount of time you're on the road and the fact you're all still speaking with each other…that says a lot! Our daughter traveled well in the car when she was younger, I on the other hand, much prefer to fly 😉

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