I Found the Secret of Household Messes

Moms, have you ever wondered where all the messes in your house come from? We clean the same things over and over and over again and it seems that they just keep reappearing out of place. Those dirty socks? Guess what, they don’t come from the kids. Nope, ask your little ones and you will probably get the same answer “I didn’t do it.” No one makes the messes they just magically appear right? Well, I have found the secret.

The secret is, there is a magic mess monster that comes out at night and completely undoes everything you do during the day. The multiple kids in your home? Nope, they are innocent, they never make a mess. It is the magic mess monster. He is an evil little guy, so just know that the next time your kids say they didn’t do it, they are totally telling the truth. Well, actually they aren’t, but I tried to make you feel better.

*This post was written as a rant by a frustrated mom who is tired of looking at the same messes that no one does every day. 🙂



  1. I'm not sure about a magic monster but I hear the toys come to life and jump out of the toy box while the kids are sleeping you know like in toy story. My kids swear by it

  2. This is so true! The dishes never end, the flooors never seem clean. Even after you have just cleaned, someone comes through and it's all over.

  3. ROFL I wish it was that complicated at my house…I can physically SEE my dogs and cats trashing the house right in front of me! LOL

  4. If only there was dome sort of trap or bug bomb to set off to get rid of these apparently invisible beings. I dont care how much it costs. Love this post.

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