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I love books. They are dangerous for me though, because once I get into one, it is hard for me to put it down and walk away. Take this weekend for example. I finally gave in and decided to start reading a series of three books that have long been on my “to read” list. I am now halfway through the last book in the series. I just can’t stop! I want my children to have that same love of reading. To understand that with the vivid words recorded in those worn pages and their active imaginations, books can be every bit as thrilling and exciting as the latest blockbuster movie. I think the Audiobooks HQ app is going to help me instill a love for books in my children.

{What is the Audiobooks HQ App?}

This amazing app is available for the iPhone and houses over 5,000 free audiobooks. You heard me right, I said free! The app itself can be purchased for just $1.99 right now on iTunes, and once installed, you have immediate access to 5,450 free audiobooks, that contains some of the best classics, including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Swiss Family Robinson, Anne of Green Gables and so many more.

You just search in a wide variety of ways, including by the most popular audiobooks and then press the download button. Downloads take only a few seconds and once you have downloaded an audiobook, you can play it on the app without WIFI service, so anywhere and at anytime!

{Why Do I Love It?}

I have been searching for a way to get Jordan interested in books. He has dyslexia and he thinks books are the devil. He gets a lot of reading and language arts practice in throughout the day, so I have been reading our actual “reading” books to him for the most part. We are traveling through the classics, and are on Treasure Island right now. This takes a lot of time from my schedule though. The Audiobooks HQ app is making this so much easier. They have all the titles I plan on covering for the next year and he can follow along in the book while it is read to him. He retains more of the information from the story and has actually started to enjoy books!

I also love that you can fast forward, pause, rewind and the recordings even have bookmarks that you can add customized notes to.

{Big News!}

As of tomorrow, the Audiobooks HQ app will be getting a huge upgrade. There will be a free version of the app that will still have access to over 5,000 free audiobooks, but you will also have the ability to pay a small fee of $.84 per month to have access to even more amazing auiobooks, including access to LibriVox Live (6350+ books), Podiobooks Live (650+ books), Globe Radio Repertory (4 books).

Check it out now! I promise you won’t be sorry. You can download the Audiobooks HQ app directly from iTunes, or check out their website for more information on this great educational and fun app!


  1. I am downloading today as I have an addiction to audio books. I pay a monthly fee for them now, but have been going through them like water.

  2. I have never been able to get into audio books – I guess I just like reading the words myself, over hearing someone else read them in my ears.

  3. I hope it helps inspire a little more interest in reading over there (except for you…maybe you need a little less, lol)

  4. That sounds like a great app! My husband would love that, he listens to podcasts while he works but would prefer books.

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