Is That Sweat Or?

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

A long time ago, thirteen years ago if that is even possible, I brought home my first baby boy from the hospital. I read every book I could get my hands on, but there was no denying the fact that once he arrived, I had no earthly idea what in the world I was doing. We have always lived in Florida, and he was born in the summer, so it was hot! I kept placing him in his bassinet, and I would walk by a few minutes later and he would be soaking wet. I kept thinking it must be sweat, but it turns out, it wasn’t. A combination of bad quality diapers and my lack of know how meant he was springing a leak quite often. Don’t worry, I got a crash course in diaper changing and upgraded to some Pampers® and we were good to go!

I sure do wish we had had diapers like the new Pampers Swaddlers back then though. Have you tried these things? They are so soft, as close to a cloth diaper as you are likely to get with a disposable, and they have an amazing feature called a wetness indicator. What’s that? The indicator shows a change in color on the diaper when mess is indicated. That could have saved me a big ol’ “duh” moment all those years ago couldn’t it?

Once my oldest got a little bigger, he was having the hardest time with diaper rashes too. I’m telling you, being a new mom is full of fun surprises. The new Pampers® Swaddlers can help with that too though. With absorb away liners, and diapers that fit babies that are even a size 4 or 5, they’ve got it all covered. Literally! Also, Pampers® has a great Rewards program, where you can earn codes when buying products, and redeem those for great prizes and giveaways.

Have you tried the new Pampers® Swaddlers yet? Give your baby the #1 choice of hospitals (based on sales data.) Feel free to share your funny diaper changing stories with me? No, really, don’t leave me feeling like the only dork!


  1. Yeah, I remember those days when I would see a wet spot and think "what's that?" LOL! Pampers really does make some great diapers!

  2. Ha ha, I tried to skip over the "is it this ..or…." question when diaper changing, I did the pull the back away a bit and do the sniff test once to often LOL.

  3. My sister is a big fan of Pampers Swaddlers for my nephew. She has told me many times she feels they keep him dry longer than any other diaper. I'm sure she already knows about their new sizes, but I plan to tell her anyway!

  4. Since we used this in the beginning hubby always knew when we had to change M. For the longest time he WISHED they didn't make the bigger size because he'd have to change her. Can I tell you how glad I am they extended the sizes??? 🙂

  5. I used Pampers Swaddlers with my first son until he was like 6 months old- I just bought a big ol' box of them for the new addition!

  6. I have wondered this thing a time or two! Both of my kids sweat so bad. Pampers was definitely on of my favorites when it came to keeping them dry at night.

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