Isn’t He Pretty?

Jase found this dress in a bag of clothes we had picked up from someone to donate. He proceeded to prance and dance around the house in it. He actually cried when we told him to take it off. Which is when we snapped this picture. Isn’t he pretty?


  1. He's going to kill you later for this picture, like when you make it a poster for his graduation haha!

  2. Oh Penelope, that was the funniest part! He had on his yellow and green color changing crocs!

  3. all he needs is a HAT and some shoes he could of had a awesome Halloween costume there

  4. That's one of those pictures that you dig out in 10 years to show a girlfriend, lol. πŸ™‚

  5. My thoughts concur with "tiff snedaker" above, bring them out for future girlfriends–oh, and the grandkids, too!

  6. He looks adorable… That's one of those photos you save for when he starts dating. TeeHee

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