I’ve Made It To The Big Time Or So My Son Thinks

funny mother's day card

Yesterday, Jordan brought me home a Mother’s Day card. I have gotten cards from the boys in the past, but they usually just say “Happy Mother’s Day” and “I love you.” When I read this one, it was too awesome not to share. I guess this is how you know you have been a blogger for a long time and your kids clearly enjoy the perks. I bet you all didn’t know that I am one of the best bloggers in the whole world LOL. Now you do, and I have a Mother’s Day card to prove it. I also would like to say a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the rest of you fabulous moms out there.

Wording of the Card:

My mother is one of the best bloggers in the world.
Her teeth are really clean and shiny.
Everyday she helps me with spelling words and takes me to really cool vacations.


  1. that's just too cute. I love when kids combine things that don't seem to do with one another.

  2. I love it! I cannot wait to get cards like that. I am glad your teeth are so clean and shiny!

  3. That's adorable. My kids gave me some great presents for Mother's Day this year. Enjoy your day.

  4. Your son isn't the only one that thinks you are the best blogger in the whole world, I love your blog too! LOL

  5. Ok, this is an awesome card…I'd love for my son to think I'm the best blogger in the world and have clean teeth!

  6. So sweet. I was told I am super mom because I make really good mac n' cheese. It is the little things that make you love them….

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