Kraft Sweet and Savory Bacon Recipes #BlogEats

So today I headed off to the Kraft BlogEats Conference in Chicago. I have had a blast and am learning a lot already. There are some amazing ladies here and some truly delicious food. Tonight, I had my first taste of chocolate covered bacon. I know what you are thinking. Ewww, right? Well you would be wrong! It was really delicious, so I thought I would share some other great Kraft bacon recipes with you.


  1. Wasn't that chocolate bacon good? I was shocked! But now it opens up all sorts of new cravings. Doggone it! Bacon is the one meat that prevents me from going vegetarian. lol

  2. Oh, the conference sounds like a lot of fun! And even though I don't eat bacon, I still love the flavor–might have to try the bacon, banana & caramel topping with veggie bacon. 🙂

  3. Everything is much better with bacon. We love bacon, but with the cost of it and how it isn't the best for one to eat it.. well we don't eat it much.

  4. I'm starving right now so th only made me that much hungrier. I'd especially love the bacon & cheese quiche right now!

  5. Stick bacon on anything and I'm likely to eat it. I think it's the reason God put pigs on this earth.

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