Learning to Love Yourself – AKA I Am One Hot Chick


Honestly, something has happened to me over the last few months and I have no idea how the heck it occurred. I started liking dresses, not being afraid to wear color and even purchased some skirts and heels. What in he heck? I know, my mom almost fell over in surprise. So what happened? Heck if I know. Somehow or other though, I learned to love myself and be comfortable with who I am now, not what I dream of being.

I cannot tell you how stifled I used to be with constant feelings of what everyone “might” be thinking about me. This mentality though left me wearing all black for most of my adult life. As if I was in mourning for what I could be. Sometime after completing the surrogacy though, it all changed and now I have the confidence to just be me. I won’t be winning any beauty competitions or anything, but I am a beautiful woman and see that now. All of us are. I guess it just took doing something extraordinary to show me that all I had to do was let go and embrace who I wanted to be.

You know what? I found out that I love fashion. I love to put different styles together and I actually really love color! Although, I still do not like the color pink LOL. So, I started a new site called “Not a Supermodel” to help celebrate my new found love of fashion, to help encourage other women to love their bodies and to share tips on how to dress a curvier frame. I’d love it if you stopped by and checked it out!

Have you learned to be comfortable in your own skin and rock your inner “hot chick”?


  1. First off, I think you're gorgeous and would have thought you were always comfortable in your skin! I'm just getting there myself.

  2. Love your new blog post. Congratulations on your new found confidence and you look great in colours! Yes it is amazing how wearing something different and colourful can give you such a boost. I have checked out your new site too, looks great! xxxooo Ginni Auckland, New Zealand.

  3. Thanks Ginni!

    Sheri, I have been self conscious my entire life until now. I struggled with being teased all through school and put down by an abusive ex, so it was hard to overcome those feelings. You are beautiful and have nothing to worry about. 🙂

  4. Totally laughing that pink will never be your "it" color. 🙂 I'm so glad that you realize you're as beautiful as you look to the rest of us, inside and out. 🙂

  5. You look fantastic and it's great to hear that you've built up quite a bit of confidence. I really have a hard time with loving myself and often fall into a rut. It hugely impacts our children though and is important to work on.

  6. Thanks all! TerriAnn, I have met you in person and know for certain that you are definitely beautiful inside and out as well!

  7. Wonderful post! I used to have very low self-esteem when I was younger. I think as I got older, caring less about how others perceived me came naturally. After I adapted this new attitude, I quickly realized that more and more people will overlook your "flaws" and admire your admirable qualities (personality, sense of style, unwavering confidence, etc). Sometimes, we're our own worst critic.

  8. I used to feel the same way then I realized when others make fun of other people's looks it's like, they don't have live with that person's looks so what does it matter to them. I think it takes a while (for women especially) to finally accept themselves as they were born (or not, some make changes).

  9. You go girl-great post-we all need to embrace our beauty; unfortunately that is not always the case. You could become a motivational speaker for the young girls of the world today.So go and rock that inner hot chick-it shows on the outside as well.

  10. While embracing yourself isn't the easiest thing, it sure does make you a happier person!
    It feels so swell to do well!!

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