Let the Adventure Officially Begin! #70DayRoadTrip

This morning I finished loading up the cart, stuffed the boys into Bob the Van and after a stop at the grocery store, we headed off on our summer adventure. I know, it isn’t quite summer for most people, but I homeschool the boys, so we took the work on the road with us, and started a little early. For the next 70 days, we will wander across the Northwest region of the United States exploring some of the most popular National parks, natural wonders and even a few little known secret places too.

We are traveling in a pop up camper this year, which I recently remodeled. This is way different than last year, when we went across the Southwest for a 50 day camping trip in a tent. While we still have no frills and the boys remain completely unplugged, we hope to create the same amazing memories!

Tonight we set up camp for the first of our 70 nights of the trip in Mississippi in LeFleur’s Bluff State Park. We will be here for three nights before moving on to our next stop. It has been a rainy and muddy road so far, but we are hoping the sun will come out tomorrow!

I hope you will consider following along on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the #70DayRoadTrip, as we attempt to share our experiences of what this amazing country has to offer those willing and able to get out and explore!


  1. Safe Travels Kathleen! I know you will make so many memories. Your boys are a lucky bunch to have such an adventurous mom! Happy Mother's Day 🙂

  2. I love that you're doing this again. Your boys will have such great memories of their childhoods

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by Fatema, we are having a great time on the road. Well, not so much right now in the rain and cold, but you know. 🙂

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