Lola’s Math Train 2 App Review

When I was in school, math was by far my least favorite subject. Now that I homeschool, it is my least favorite subject to teach. I just don’t get it, and while I can work through problems and teach the boys how to get the correct answers, it is never fun or enjoyable. Because I grew up loathing math, I want my boys to have a better experience with it. That’s why I love apps like Lola’s Math Train 2. They are fun, and make learning math a game that can be enjoyed!

Lola’s Math Train 2 App

Lola’s Math Train 2 is an easy to use math game app for children who are learning their addition and subtraction. It is extremely easy for both parents and children to navigate from the moment you open the app. You simply press the play button and choose your level, easy, medium or hard.

After that, children will progress through different sets of problems while following Lola the Panda and her friends on the math train. The graphics are adorable and engaging, and there are 11 mini games to switch up the way the problems are presented to avoid repetition.

Every so often, a child will be presented with the opportunity to choose a reward for all their hard work. These rewards come in the form of items for Lola or one of her friends on the Math Train.

Once your children have had a chance to explore the app, you can go to the parent’s tracking center on the home page of the app. You must answer a simple multiplication question to enter this section, and then are presented with stats on how long your child has worked on the app that day and the percentage of correct answers they have gotten.

There is nothing fancy about this app, but my youngest loves it and is actually excited to put in the time practicing his addition and subtraction math skills. So much better than a boring paper worksheet!

If you have a child who is currently working on addition and subtraction, and you are finding it hard to get them to practice, than the Lola’s Math Train 2 app is definitely for you. At only $1.99, it is a bargain for parents! You can download the app from both iTunes and Google Play, and you can check out demo videos on the brand’s Youtube page to see if it is something your child might be interested in.

How do you get your children to practice their math?


  1. I didn't even finish reading the review before I downloaded the app! {Although I did finish the review while it was downloading.} This is going to be perfect for my 4 year old!

  2. I love the educational apps that make learning fun. This would be great for my little guy in kindergarten. It's nice that they switch it up and that it has 11 mini games!

  3. Both my girls really enjoy math. My oldest was having trouble with story problems, but I think part of that stems from her tendency to not be thorough and lose focus when she reads. The teacher suggested signing her up for SuccessMaker through the school website and she's enjoying the math lessons. The story problem "problem" only improved when we worked on her critical thinking skills. Homeschooling is tough sometimes.

  4. My son isn't quite old enough for "real math" (he's just figuring out numbers can be used for something), but I need to file this app away for when he's ready to tackle the "advanced" stuff! 🙂

  5. My son is not quite old enough for this, they are just learning to count shapes, but I will remember this for next year!

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