Make Love Not War with New AXE Peace at Rite Aid #KissforPeace

This post is made in collaboration with Lunchbox PR and AXE Peace, all opinions are my own.

You see it every time you turn on the news, flip through the updates on social media, and pick up a newspaper or magazine. War surrounds us constantly in a hundred different forms, but companies and individuals are trying to positively change that every day. One such company is AXE. They have created a new line of AXE Peace® products that hope to help bring Peace One Day with something as simple as a kiss, through their #KissforPeace campaign.

AXE Peace® is partnering with Peace One Day to rally the nation around love and not war. They want you to help them celebrate World Peace Day on September 21st by sharing your kiss for peace. Just find a willing partner, share a kiss and post a photo of it to Twitter with the hashtag #KissforPeace, for a chance to see your photo live on a billboard in Times Square!

Want to help support this campaign? Right now, you can score AXE Peace® at Rite Aid, with an awesome deal. Purchase any two AXE products and you will receive 2,000 points towards their rewards program. Normally, you get 1 point per dollar spent, so 2,000 points for the purchase of only two products is an amazing deal. Get full details as well as money saving offers on the Rite Aid Facebook page and take advantage of this great deal while it lasts!

Do you plan to snap a shot of you and your sweetheart kissing for peace?


  1. Um wow, that is a great deal if you're a Rite Aid shopper! We don't have Rite Aid here, but I like to score those extra point deals at Walgreens and CVS when they have them.

  2. Didn't they air a commercial during the Super Bowl? If I am thinking correctly, they did, and it was quite funny.

  3. Oh, I didn't know about this!

    Axe are a great brand and have had awesome and catchy marketing campaigns ever since their first video commercials. Their scents are really captivating and as a woman, I have to say that Axe's effect is very similar to those portrayed in their commercials! 🙂

    Thank you for this post and the info about the promotion, I had no idea they got so much involved in online promotions and such campaigns. You also gave me a great gift idea for an upcoming birthday!

  4. If only it were so easy to bring about peace in the world. We're fooling ourselves that something like this will touch the hearts of the warlords, aggressive dictators and infertile ground to change lives for the better. It does not belong to man to direct his step. All we have to do is look around to see how true that is.

  5. There are very few varieties of Axe that I don't like so I'm anxious to smell this new scent. I sure wish we had a Rite Aid nearby so I could score this deal.

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