Mindless Monday – Where Oh Where Have All the Brains Gone?

I know that I am feeling a little mindless this Monday, just as I am sure a lot of other people are. What is it about Mondays that makes it so much harder for our brains to fire at full capacity. I am going to give the people who created these signs the benefit of the doubt and say that they probably put them up on a Monday. Anyway, enjoy the mindlessness and have a laugh on me.

Photo by Christi Gain.
Photo by Gene Hunt.
Photo by Mark Gstohl.
Photo by Sister72.
Photo by Stewart Black.
 Photo by antisocialtory.

 Photo by pescatello.


  1. It's like the Headlines segment on the Tonight Show. I love it! I had an OB that had a sign in the parking lot as you drove in that said "All deliveries in rear."

  2. I love these..I have a photo I shot on a road trip in Oregon..Pizza Parlor has bands on weekends, that weekend Papa Woddy was playing. It read: In bar! "Papa Woody on Sat. pm"..really! The other was in Ocean Shores at a supply place a while back: "My boss told me to change this sign, so I did"

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