Mini Tulle Spring Wreath

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Dollar Tree crafts are my middle name. If there is a way for me to save money on decor for my home, I am all for it. So, when I saw rolls of tulle and these sparkly mini eggs at the store the other day, I knew they would make a great mini wreath with the small metal craft rings I had bought last summer on clearance at Michael’s. These mini wreaths are easy to make, and will brighten up any shelf, door or wall in your home this Spring. 
2 Rolls of white tulle 8 yards each. (These came from the
Dollar Tree.)
Small metal craft ring (Found at Michael’s)
Glittery Easter Egg decorations (Found at the Dollar Tree)
Hot Glue
Step 1: Cut the tulle into squares. The squares do not need
to be the same size, just do a rough estimate. The longer you make the squares,
the longer the material you will have hanging off each side of your mini

Step 2: Gather each square of tulle,  and tie it in a simple knot around the metal
craft ring, with one end of the fabric pointing to the outside of the wreath
and one end pointing to the inside.

Step 3: Continue tying the tulle squares to the metal ring
until it is completely covered. Trim the ends of the tulle until you get a
uniform length you are happy with.

Step 4: Hot glue some glitter Easter egg decorations around
your wreath


  1. What a fun wreath for Easter! I need to check out what they have for Cinco de Mayo to make for crafts, I'm planning a party for that.

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