A Mixed Bag – Wordless Wednesday!


  1. I can't BELIEVE how much candy they got — I thought my kiddos got a lot but yours DEFINITELY win the prize for most candy!

  2. Great costumes, looks like a lot of action in your house. And I could only imagine after all that candy! What a fabulous haul!

  3. I see sugar overload, fat gain and cavities. A trend in the United States.
    Sorry I am so again this practice. Why do you(this is the generic you) allow it because everyone else is doing it? Because it is fun??
    Do you (that is the generic you) allow this amount of sugar in their diet at other times of the year, if no why not, if yes tsk tsk.

    You will probably delete this but it is my opinion.

  4. First of all, I do not delete comments based upon opinion, whether they tend to share my own opinion or not. Everyone has the right to say as they wish and everyone has the right to do as they wish and honestly, they should be able to do so without the fear of criticism from others.

    My children did get a lot of candy yes. However, I allow them to go crazy with it and have full access to it only on Halloween night. After that time, I take it away and it is used as dessert on the nights that they are good and finish all of their supper. When they are given it for dessert, they are allowed to choose two pieces only and have to brush their teeth when they are done.

    You can clearly see that none of my children are even close to overweight, so it is obviously not a general practice in our house to eat nothing but junk.

    As for anyone else, they are free to do as they please. Do I think they are bad parents for allowing their children unlimited access to candy? No. Everyone will parent and live in their own way. Thank-you for sharing your opinion and I hope you have a wonderful night.

  5. Now that is a good haul of candy. Can I have some of those 100grands And almound joys? Mmm and butterfingers! Canada sucks because it doesn't have any.

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