The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

In this rapidly changing world, it can be easy to look back at the past and think how different things are today than they were when we were younger. You may not always be right though. True, things like technology have changed drastically and made great advances, but if you took a closer look, you may notice that things haven’t really changed all that much. Check out the examples in the list below.

1. You still hate to hear the things that used to come our of your parents mouth, but now they are coming out of yours.

2. Those MC Hammer pants finally came back in style last year. (Or so some people thought.)

3. You still find cartoons intriguing on Saturday mornings, only now you have an excuse to watch them. Family bonding time don’t you know.

4. You still hate homework, but if you have more than one child, you have to do more of it now then you did back then.

5. You still think it would be amazing to be 21, only you are standing on the other side of it now.

6. You still talk about the opposite sex with your friends, but the subjects have gotten older.

7. You still love to dance, but now it comes with the added bonus of embarrassing your kids.

8. You still call your parents for advice about everything you can’t handle on your own.

9. You still tease your brothers and sisters, only now you can tease their kids too. 🙂 Score!

10. You still play dress up, but now it is with your kids.


  1. Oh how true, how true. Especially #6. Except over 50 as I am, the subject has gotten somewhat pathetic! 🙂

    Here's one. You know you're getting old when you look at a younger woman and feel like a pervert for doing it!

  2. I trust me, I was not either. I did own a pair way back when they my sister who is 12 years older than me used to try and put me in and tease my hair up, but I was not a fan.

  3. Thanks for the flashbacks. I agree with the others though about the MC Hammer pants. Whoever designed those ought to be shot.

  4. I remember the first time I said something my parents said. That moment hurt so badly. I actually finally understand algebra thanks to my kids' homework! lol

  5. Yep, I am getting there too. Did you know there are now 3 different ways they teach kids to do division? They have to show the work for that particular method to, so you can't just teach them the old fashion way and be done with it.

  6. LOL, I'm standing on the other side of 21 now and you're right I totally wish I was 21. Where did the time go. this is a great list!

  7. my cousin showed up in Hammer pants the other day – lulu lemon ones to boot. They were awesome yet freaky all at once. I hated myself for wanting some!

  8. I'm a little too young for some of those {as in, I WAS 21 just a few months ago..} & my son is too young to be embarrassed by my dancing {even though I'm embarrassed for him} BUT I absolutely love this list anyway. Some of them are spot on 🙂

  9. Great article! I feel like a kid more than I did when I was actually a kid isn't that sad? I play with dolls all the time, push cars back and forth, eat kids foods and so much more:) So fun!!!

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