Most Embarrassing Parenting Moments

We’ve all been there, you’re standing in line at the grocery store and your child says something honest but unflattering about the person in front of you. Or, you get everything packed in the car and ready to go only to discover that you almost forgot your child sitting in the car seat in the living room. Parenting has a major learning curve and is incredibly unpredictable, two things that make for some pretty embarrassing moments. This post is full of most embarrassing parenting moments, submitted by others just like you. So, read along and then share one or two of your own.

“One particularly embarrassing parenting moment was when my 6-month-old daughter let one rip (i.e., passed gas) during a moment of reverential silence at church. When I apologized to the pastor afterward, she said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. Everyone probably just thought it was you.” – K. Parr 

“A couple years ago I was in line at the grocery store with my then-8 year old son when I heard him loudly demand from the man behind us whether or not he had “just looked at my mom’s butt.” My son was irate, the man and I both turned several shades of red. My son had indeed caught the man staring at his mother’s derriere.” – J.E. Matthewson

We live on a farm and one day we’re too far from the house for him to go to the bathroom. I told him in a case like this it was okay to drop his pants and just pee on the ground. Two days later at the town’s summer celebration parade, I turn my back for just a second, when David decided it was too far to the toilet. In front of a crowd of several hundred, he dropped his britches and proudly peed right in the street. Gives new meaning to “Parade Floats”. – Bruce L. 

“As the mother of three small boys, I was occasionally a little stressed. On this occasion, my four year old was screaming because his younger brother had a toy he wanted. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open and the screaming was unbelievable. I remember it was a hot summer day and the door was open into the garden. We live in a remote place with no neighbors so I got down on my knees right in front of him and closed my eyes. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and I started screaming too. After my son stopped screaming, I carried on. It felt good to purge my stress. Only, when I finally opened my eyes and closed my mouth, the postman was standing on the doorstep with our mail.” – Janice H.

My daughter was 3, holding a box filled with 300 wooden matches. While in the check-out line, the matches flew out of the box & scattered everywhere. Her response was, “Oh Sh*t!” As I tried to quickly pick up the matches, everyone snickered. I reassured her by saying, “I would have said the same thing myself.” – Judy Winkler

“I was going to get my car repaired and what should have been a simple break job turned into a list of $1200 in repairs. I was telling the man I just wanted the breaks done and couldn’t afford the other “made up” repairs when my oldest son says “But mommy, you just put all that money in the bank.” We had just come from the bank where he had seen me deposit a stack of checks. I nudged him and just kept walking toward the waiting room seats.” – Yours Truly

“Shortly after the birth of my third son, my mom and I went to a community-wide garage sale. We were stopped in the car and I was changing my son on my lap when right as I was holding his legs in the air to remove the old diaper, he suddenly let loose and I ended up with mustard yellow mess all down the front of my white shirt. Needless to say, our deal hunting ended there.” – Mine Again

Do you have an embarrassing parenting moments to share? Feel free to leave it below. Oh, and in case you want to read one more and get a laugh, check out my “Never Squeeze Your Child” post.



  1. I guess being a first time parent my embarrassing moment is expected: My wife and I showed up at our first doctor visit with our son and didn't even think of bringing a diaper bag. We were so used to traveling "solo". Ah, the things we learned….

  2. Love this! It just goes to show the other side (in some cases quite literally) of parenting 😛

  3. My most embarrassing and mortifying moment as a parent was when my 2yo screamed for 15 mins straight as our flight descended into Hawaii. There were several passengers making very loud comments of disapproval. 🙁

  4. haha! My toddler pics up things all the time from everyone around her. The other day she dropped her sandwich on the floor and said "oh crap!" She's good about not repeating things when I tell her it's inappropriate 🙂

  5. That is too funny! I used to love the embarrassing moments column in teen magazines but the parenting versions are so much better!

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