Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms who Love to Bake and Sparkle #eBayMom


#Mother'sDay gift ideas for moms who love #jewelry and love to #bake. #eBayMom

My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay, all opinions are my own. 

Mother’s Day is coming soon, and if your mom is anything like mine, she is incredibly hard to buy for. When I try to think of the perfect gift idea for my mom, I often start with the hobbies or things that she likes most, and go from there. My mom for as long as I can remember has loved to bake, she also loves sparkly jewelry (something my sisters inherited, but somehow I missed the gene for.) So, as part of my campaign as an eBay influencer, I created two eBay collections on these interests, from their Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help me shop.

This is my mom. Trust me when I say that she is the best mom in the whole world. She will give anyone the shirt off her back and is my best friend. I love her dearly, but she is a pain in the butt to shop for. She loves baking and she loves jewelry though, so shopping for her with the help of eBay was easier with that knowledge. Check out some of my top picks from my #eBayMom Mother’s Day collections.

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love to Bake

Was your home growing up always filled with the smell of delectable cakes, pies, cookies and homemade bread? If so, then your mom is probably a lover of baking like mine. When going through the eBay Mother’s Day Gift Guide, I saw a ton of products that I know my mom would love to have. Some of my favorites include:

The Breville All-in-One Processing Station has almost everything a baking mom could need for prep of pies, cakes and cookies. It is within a reasonable budget too, at $179.
What mom who loves to bake doesn’t need a professional grade mixer. My mom actually has one of these, but an older model than this Kitchenaid Pro 600 Stand Mixer, and it makes baking so much easier than it was before with her old antique mixer.

An iPad might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are choosing a gift for a baking mom, but think about it, you can get an Apple iPad 1st Generation with 32GB for only $129, and it is like purchasing an infinitite number of cookbooks at once. There are endless recipes online, and the iPad easily fits into the kitchen for use.

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love to Sparkle

Most women, my mom included, love a little bling in their life. I am probably one of the rare few that owns very little jewelry and actually forgets to wear the jewelry she owns. My mom on the other hand, loves sparkly jewelry. Unfortunately, due to an allergy, she cannot wear costume jewelry in most cases, so I am on the lookout for good quality gold or pure silver jewelry at a reasonable price. Check out some of my favorite picks from the eBay Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

This 2.55CT Vintage Morganite and Diamond Solitaire Pendant on a 14K Rose Gold Chain is a bit out of my current budget, but it is stunning and I know my mom would love it. At $299, it is definitely an affordable gift idea for some, and I love the vintage vibe!

If your budget it lower, but you still want a stunning piece of sparkle for a mom, this beautiful 4.00CT Created Ruby Sterling Silver Bracelet is a perfect gift idea. It backs a big shine into a small price tag at only $34.99.

Want to celebrate the bond between mother and child? This Sterling Silver Mother and Child Locket is an ideal gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby or mom of small children. It is another affordable option for moms who like to sparkle, at only $39.99.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone Else

Are you shopping for a mom who isn’t into baking or things that sparkle and shine? No worries, eBay has you covered with their Mother’s Day Gift Guide. There is a great selection of gift ideas in all price ranges, organized by category, so it makes shopping for the perfect gift easy as can be. Plus, if you create your own collection on eBay with the hashtag #eBayMom by May 11, 2014, you will be entered to win $500 to shop on eBay. Not sure how to create a collection? Check out these simple instructions, and view my #eBayMom Baked with Love and #eBayMom Sparkle and Shine collections for examples.

What are you planning on getting the mom in your life for Mother’s Day?


  1. The Kitchen Aid mixer! I will regret, until the day I die, selling mine about ten years ago. My mom bought one when I was- gosh I don't think I was older than 15, and I'm 45 now, and she STILL has it. This will be the summer I put another Kitchen Aid back in my kitchen. And this time? I'm NOT getting rid of it!

  2. I'm not sure what I'm giving my Mom yet. That Breville processing station is nice, I hadn't seen that before.

  3. I am holding off on getting a new stand mixer until my kitchen is done… by that tme my six year old may have a fulltime job to buy me one…lol

  4. I think any mom would be delighted with something from your collections! Maybe two things…then you could sparkle while you bake.

  5. Great list! I think my Mom would benefit from the iPad. Maybe it could help keep her connected with all the recent pics of her grandkids.

  6. Wow – a TON of great suggestions! You seem to have rounded up something for every type of mom. eBay really offers a ton of fab items!

  7. I think moms are sure to love any gift on your list, but I know the KitchenAid has to one of the most popular!

  8. These are all great gift ideas! We got my mom a couple of custom photo canvases but are still looking for one last gift. That processing station would be perfect!

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