‘Move Over Fat’ Monday – It’s Not a Sprint


Today I am blatantly reminded that this weight loss journey is not a sprint. People always say it wasn’t put on in a day and it won’t come off in a day either. The truth is, I have struggled with my weight my whole life and the reason it goes back up is because I just get tired of struggling. I get tired of seeing other women be able to eat whatever they want and I am stuck gnawing on carrot sticks. That’s right, sometimes I have a pity party. What good does that really do me though? So today, remember, this is not a sprint and instead is a lifelong change for the better that will eventually bring you the results you want.

{Adjusting to a New Schedule}

That headline can sum up this whole week. I went on vacation with the boys last week and then came right back into a new homeschool curriculum for Jordan that requires me to be with him literally every second. So, I have had to do some adjusting to this new schedule. I have not exercised in two weeks. One, because we were gone for a week for Spring Break and two because I have not had a spare second to myself this past week. This has obviously not done much for my weight loss, but I am going to get back into exercising beginning today.


There hasn’t been much progress, in fact, I am up about a half a pound, but I am sure that has something to do with the fact that my monthly visitor showed up last night. That being said, I didn’t take a picture of the scale because there was no real change to show. I am also not going to do the measurements as promised since I am bloated and there is no point. I will however have a vlog coming up later this week showing my progress on the first month of Shaklee and will do measurements and videos in that post.

Remember to link up your weight loss posts from this week or last and share your progress!


  1. I blew it this week while the kids were off for spring break. But I got up this morning and went for a run!

  2. It's especially difficult in the beginning when you don't see big numbers. Keep on with it though. You'll get there!

  3. You have to hate that monthly visitor. Keep up the good work even when you don't see it on the scale.

  4. I made the decision to not count calories, track my steps, exercise, or weight myself while my son was on Spring break. So for 11 days I was off my diet. I started back this morning – I gained 2 pounds. 🙁 But I know now I can lose it. 🙂 I'm back on the weight loss wagon, now.

  5. I was on vacation all last week and although we walked 10-15 miles a day exploring Seattle, I ate 2-3x my share of calories every day too. I refuse to weigh in and hit the gym HARD today!

  6. Definitely the trials of motherhood, it definitely is a long journey, but you are doing great.

  7. i'm afraid with everything that's been going on my weightloss is at a standstill too. Hang in there

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