Move Over Fat Monday – #MoveOverFat!

I decided to start a new weekly segment on this site because quite frankly, I need to be held accountable. I did amazing while on the 21 Day Sugar Detox and then something happened. I gave myself a free day, and that free day turned into a few free weeks. Bottom line, I was feeling sorry for myself. The whole, “Why do some girls get to eat everything they want and still be skinny” attitude hit me and I became lazy and gave in. That is not okay!

{What Will Happen Here}

Every Monday from here on out, I will update with photos, weigh ins and all kind of humiliating stuff. If I am not doing the work, trust me, you will see it. I am doing this because I know I need to make a change. I don’t want to be overweight for the rest of my life. I want to be happy with the image I see when I look in the mirror and above all else, I want to be healthy and active.

{What Am I Doing?}

My poor dear elliptical machine bit the dust a few weeks ago, so I found a 50 minute Zumba video for free on YouTube, that I actually really love. I can complete the whole thing and it is fun for me, so I roll with it. The moves are challenging, but after a few days you catch on. I also have a DDP Yoga set that I am reviewing, which is a strength yoga program. At first it made me laugh, but it is a really great workout. Next week I am also going to add in a circuit training session from Bob Harper Live to make my exercise total about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours 5 days a week.

I am also back to counting calories. I do mean every single little calorie, because  it is the only way I am ever going to be accountable for what goes in my mouth. I am aiming for under 1500 calories a day, but not less than 1200. I was just accepted as a Shaklee 180 blogger and will be using their products to help lose weight. For all other meals, I will be following a Paleo diet.

I would love to turn this into a weekly meme if anyone else is interested in some public accountability and finally making a change for good. Leave a comment below if you would like to participate and Move Over Fat Monday will officially begin next week!


  1. I would love to follow along with you as I really need to lose quite a bit of weight. It's difficult to cook for a family of six, especially three boys, as I'm sure you know, and try to keep myself from eating the things I shouldn't. Maybe if I follow along, I'll be able to get going myself.

  2. I know just what you mean Anne. It was hard to pass up the rice, potatoes, etc. that they would eat when I was on the sugar detox. Now, those things aren't as much a problem as the convincing myself to eat out part is. I need to just buckle down and cook the meals I have planned at home.

  3. Shaklee 180 is amazing! I have lost 6 pounds and 7 inches so far! Let me know if you have any questions….I love Shaklee!

  4. Congrats on having been chosen as one of the Shaklee 180 Bloggers! I took part in the last competition they had and had great success! I can't wait to cheer you all on! Please feel free to reach out anytime. 😉

  5. Thanks Nicole and Mandee! I can't wait to start. Don't be surprised to see an email in your inbox though, I do happen to have some questions.

    Congrats on the loss Tess. Yes, keeping it off can be just as hard as getting it off!

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