Muscle Leggings and Other “Oh No They Didn’t” Crazy Products

Muscle Leggings

Have you ever been walking down the aisle of the store or flipping the channels on the TV and run across a crazy product that just made your jaw drop, and not in a good way? Let’s face it, there are some things that just never should have been made. I guess everything has a place, but sometimes you see that product that makes would wonder “Who would use this?” All the products below made me really stop and wonder, what do you think, are they keepers?

Footprint Shoes
Computer Privacy Screen
Hat Wallet
Bacon Toothpaste
Fanny Floss
Beard of Bees

Have you come across any weird products in the store lately?



  1. wow, seriously. I have to question ALL of these. What are you possibly looking at on a plane that you need that crazy cover up thing?

    and really the fetal bites? Who would think that's ok??? omg, seriously

  2. Who would even come up with something like fetal bites and I'd be a little worried if I saw someone on a plane with that cover up. The rest are just gross and ridiculous.

  3. no, but those muscle pants reminds me of this tattoo I saw that was muscles and a piston on the leg cause the guy was a personal trainer.

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