My 4 Biggest Travel Related Pet Peeves

Since this week is spring break, I decided to put a little twist on the Monday Mojo topic this morning. Don’t know what Monday Mojo is? Well, it is a super awesome weekly blogging prompt provided by Eclectic Six to help get your week off to a good start. Stop on by and link up if you get the chance! This week’s topic was “Your 4 Biggest Pet Peeves.” I decided to get a little more in-depth and make mine my top four traveling pet peeves since we just traveled to Gatlinburg today for Spring Break. Can you relate to these?

1. People Who Can’t Use a Turn Signal

Seriously? Every car has one. We are not all mind readers and if we were, we would be on luxury yachts floating on the ocean, not a crowded interstate trying to save our lives because you just cut us off with no warning. Just use that little clicky lever doodad and don’t kill people.

2. The Moment the Kids are so Bored in the Car That They Pick on Each Other Incessantly.

No matter how many games, books or electronic devices I ever bring with me, the kids always seem to reach the point of boredom where there is nothing left to do but annoy the ever living daylights out of each other. “Mommy, he looked at me.” “Mommy he touched me!” Ugh, sometimes I wish I had kids that were addicted to video games.

3. Bad Customer Service

While it has not been a problem on this trip so far, one of my biggest pet peeves when traveling is bad customer service. You know, when you get up to the counter and some barely legal teenager smacks her gum at you and says “What do you want?” How about for you to get a new job? It seems to be worse when you travel because you are exploring new places, but it is something I absolutely cannot stand and shouldn’t have to.

4. Rude People

I wrote about rude people when I took our trip to Disney World in January, but it really does bother me. All I expect is the same level of courtesy I give. So, if I hold the door open for you, please say thank-you. If I don’t walk in front of you when you are taking a photo, please do not do it to me. The list could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of things I love about traveling, like the great customer service I get at so many places I visit as well as the memories I make, but these are my top four traveling pet peeves.


  1. I almost avoid any travel anymore lol. With kids, I am almost neurotic at the end of a road trip or a day flying lol

  2. Oi vey! The turn signal one drives me batty. Really? It takes all of two seconds to let the world know you are changing lanes. Signal away!

  3. LOL the first one made me giggle because my daughter is all about the turn signal and will remind me to use it. I'm not one of your pet peeves I just don't use it as much in say a residential area where there are no cars around me but she reminds me to do so.

    As for bad customer service and rude people. Unfortunately living in SoFL it seems to be the norm.

  4. Those are all great pet peeves! I even think we need U Turn signals, was going to try to invent it but found out there are a lot of patents out there already for it!

  5. Bad customer service and rude people kind of piss me off ALWAYS, but it's even worse when you're traveling! 🙂

  6. I am always floored when you do something like hold open a door and get nothing, not even a smile. WHAT THE HECK.

  7. First, I agree with this entire post. Second, I have a huge mouth, so if someone doesn't thank me for holding a door, I will say you're welcome anyway. After all, if I can teach all 3 of my children Thank You by 9 months old, surely an adult can learn manners right?

  8. Yes!!! I hate when they don't yield or use a merge lane to get ahead two car lengths by cutting you off suddenly.

    LOL Toni, I may have.

  9. Agree! Especially on 1 & 4. It's just second nature for me to use a turn signal, I really don't want to get rear ended! And I always hold the door for the person behind me. I think men especially appreciate when a woman holds the door for them. I hate it when someone two steps in front of me can't be polite enough to wait 2 seconds and not let the door slam!

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